five little things

To Listen. Stown. I’m sure you’ve heard of it and I’m just singing into the podcast recommendation echo chamber, but if you haven’t… This beautiful, complicated, tragic look into rural Alabama has me itching to hear more southern voices. Southern identity is multi-faceted, and I think the makers of This American Life and Serial knocked this story out of the park.

To Taste. My childhood friends still raves about these coconut cupcakes I made for her birthday when we were in high school. I’m thinking about making them for myself this weekend. (p.s. Happy birthday, Em!)

To Do. Check out your town’s First Friday or First Saturday events. I think I’m going to check out First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

To Buy. I’ve been a bit more adventurous with my makeup on the weekends. This glitter lip topper has been my favorite Saturday addition. You just can’t help but feel like a fairy glitter witch, if that’s what you’re going for. Use this link for $5 off.

To Watch. If you’re not watching Big Little Lies what are you doing? Binge the miniseries to catch the finally this Sunday.

5 Little Things

Weekends, for me, are a time to reset and refuel. I find myself worked into a rigid weekday routine that provides little time for sunshine, relaxation and little happy things that make me smile.

It sounds kitschy and trite, but I consider my little happy things a form of self care. It’s usually something like perusing a bookstore, buying myself fresh flowers, people watching at the farmer's market, a new white T-shirt and going to a neighborhood bar with a friend. It’s the things that pull you out of your schedule and make you notice your senses.

I’m starting a series every Friday called “Five Little Things.” These “things” will be snippets from my week that I’ve bookmarked, bought or discovered that might inspire a few happy things for your weekend.

Read: The most read story on ever. The followup to the viral BBC interview. The little girl reminds me of toddler me, glasses and all.

Wear: These dusty pink wide-leg jeans. My half birthday is coming up so..

Smell: I just bought this handmade incense burner on my trip to Nashville. It has been a welcoming fragrance after a long work day.

Eat: Nothing cheers me up like a solid charcuterie plate. I can’t wait to start registering for things like these

Discover: I don’t plan on going back to school anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop learning. I’m planning on taking art classes here this spring.