dot mixing

What can I say? I'm a fan of anything which falls into the polka-dot printed variety. The classic print can be paired with virtually anything to add that touch of spunk, because an outfit sans spunk is a tragedy, you know. Today, I bore my true affinity for polka-dots by pairing my dotted sweater with my favorite speckled tights. The daintily printed tights serve as a light dessert to the main course, the bold circle-emblazoned sweater. Truth be told, this outfit is kind of a mash  ed potatoes of a few of my go-to favorite pieces. Like Jelly Bellys, you can pick out all of your favorite flavors, but that may not mean they will taste good if you eat them together...juicy pear, sizzling cinnamon and blueberry. Ew. I'll let you decide.

note to self: comparing clothes to food doesn't usually work as well in words as it does in my head. These are the things that flow from my brain at 11:48 p.m.

october accouterments with a high of 79

Nothing exciting was happening, thus my sartorial choices reflected my inner desire for adventure. My appetite for quirky combinations lead me to couple two of my all-time favorite pieces with a new pair of black booties. 
This October, I have exhausted the stitches of my denim button-down, slipping it on atop every ensemble lacking in cool-weather ardor. It has been my go-to shirt when the weather has failed my autumn-lusting spirit. 
My polka-dot pencil skirt is my saving grace when the changing leaves of October is accompanied by a high of 79. When I bought it, I envisioned sweaters and tights to compliment the mustard print, but Tuscaloosa isn't forgiving to those who overspend on their fall wardrobe.
[shirt-forever21, t and bracelets-uo, skirt-old navy, boots-h&m]
More on the important decision of 21st-birthday-accouterments soon to come. 

I changed three times this morning and this is what I came up with...

This brisk almost-autumn morning began with an internal dilemma so many fashion-conscious women deal with on a regular basis. What should I wear? Should I compliment the cold morning air and break out my fall wardrobe, chomping at the bit inside my closet and suffer a heat stroke by noon? Or, should I re-visit my summer staples and succumb to goosebumps on my walk to class? In the words of Miley Cyrus, I got the "best of both worlds" by pairing my favorite chunky knit with polka-dot shorts.  I was running late due to my carefully constructed sartorial choices and had no time to make the proper shoe selection; thus explaining the curb-stomping black boots. I don't know about you, but I think the grungy feel of my Santa-inspired footwear brings a new light to prim polka-dot shorts.

I am going to be honest with you. The "me" I have been portraying over the past 30 blog posts is a lot cooler than the real Abbey. The root of it all, the heart of the matter, the stone cold facts...

This is me trying to display the militant qualities of my combat boots. (notice the pre-kick stretch top-left) If you can't laugh at yourself then...I'm not sure the end of the quote, but I know I can!

Polka Dot Perfection

Photo Credit: Sarah Thigpen
My parents brought this polka-dot dress back from Spain and boy was it greatly appreciated. Thanks Mama, you know my adoration of the classic print all too well. A simple polka-dot dress, or any print for that matter, is a great base piece for anyone's wardrobe. I often get caught up in search for the most unique or eye-catching item that I don't have any simple things to pair them with. I chose a denim button-down and a tortoise shell belt to add some shape to the dress and a bright comfy sandal for Saturday sightseeing in Tuscaloosa. We have such a history-rich city here that goes unnoticed by the consumption of school-life. My roommate and I got to explore the remains of The Capitol building circa 1826 before we hunkered down for finals week. Wish us luck!