Polka Dot Perfection

Photo Credit: Sarah Thigpen
My parents brought this polka-dot dress back from Spain and boy was it greatly appreciated. Thanks Mama, you know my adoration of the classic print all too well. A simple polka-dot dress, or any print for that matter, is a great base piece for anyone's wardrobe. I often get caught up in search for the most unique or eye-catching item that I don't have any simple things to pair them with. I chose a denim button-down and a tortoise shell belt to add some shape to the dress and a bright comfy sandal for Saturday sightseeing in Tuscaloosa. We have such a history-rich city here that goes unnoticed by the consumption of school-life. My roommate and I got to explore the remains of The Capitol building circa 1826 before we hunkered down for finals week. Wish us luck!