black and white

Recently I wrote a fashion column for my school paper The Crimson White and I thought I'd share the basics with you kind bloggin' folks. I'm sure you are all aware, but black and white is back. Not that it ever went away...Chanel people, Chanel. But, I personally think black and white basics are great "back to school" essentials.
In my younger years of Lisa Frank and the third grade I looked forward to the day mom would take me school shopping for some new legging/tunic sets and sketchers. Cue embarrassing, awkward, cross-eyed picture from my childhood.

One word. Glam. Anyways. I know it may seem early for back to school but the fashion world waits for noone. Not even the tween in neon cutoffs that could be mistaken for denim underwear and a "grungy/cute" crop top from Urban.
You get it, black and white head to toe, it makes a statement with little effort from the wearer and less clothes on the floor in the getting ready process.

Thanks, Becky for being my model, so photogenic. Be sure to check out collegefashionista next week for a little one on one with Becky and her art/fashion passion.