mondays are for whining

Mondays are fun-days when you dress for success. I get it. In college, comfort is key. I am confident that the comfort experienced from my jersey knit max-skirt and oversized cardigan can rival any athletic shorts/t-shirt combination. The former doesn't require shaving your legs (aaaaaand I can't wear athletic shorts and t-shirts because I will look like an androgynous frump.)

Monday seems to surprise me with her chaotic presence every week, despite my continued efforts of preparation. I spent the majority of today catching up on procrastinated schoolwork, preparing interview questions for CW articles, and trying without much success to perfect the humble beginnings of my Drawing I project. Life-like depictions aren't my thing, okay?

 Now, I will light a candle and finish reading Glamour with my favorite kitty lady. Louise loves Emma Watson almost as much as I do.
happy monday!