Some days, a skirt that twirls is all you need to reignite the child-like confidence often lost in the modernity of today's society  feel like a nine-year-old diva and traipse like you mean it in off-brand chloe booties. In my perusing through Huntsville's brand new H&M, this water-color pleated piece tugged at my fervor for the 4th grade similar to that of Molly McEntire. The multitude of colors, the twirling pleats, I couldn't say no.

To counteract the vibrant pattern, I chose to layer more sophisticated black and white pieces; including a vest/blazer maverick and studded button front shirt.

In other news...I am currently in search of the perfect sartorial combination for my golden birthday (21 on the 21st). Even though the city of Tuscaloosa is lacking in my preferred night-time entertainment, I am determined to go somewhere special so I can wear something sparkly, or tulle, or leather, or all of the above -since those are all acceptable birthday fabrics.