just another monday cliche

Okay, so maybe I didn't wear the sequined skirt today. It is monday, after all. There just wasn't enough time this weekend for blogging adventures. We here at UA were too busy stomping football rivals to notice anything else going on in the outside world, like say the gluttonous black friday uproars or cyber monday preparations.
I concocted this little celebration-esque get up to inspire the inner twinkling holiday prima-donna in all of us. But really, does there have to be an occasion to sport a sequined mini? The oversized sweater, aforementioned in a past post, makes its subsequent appearance to mask the skanky risque aura that may linger when one masks the upper thighs with five inches of glitter. The H&M  cable-knit has recently made itself at home amongst my winter wardrobe, often gracing the outdoors two and three times a week. It (she? does the pronoun choice really matter when referring to beloved sweaters?)  just seems to add the right amount of "frump" to contrast something that's too sparkly or too tight or too short. 
Sequin skirt+oversized knit+dainty bag/flats=perfect holiday ensemble. This combination screams I'm asking for attention because I'm wearing sequins, but it's okay because sequins are a holiday-approved textile, but really I don't care...see, I'm hiding my assets in a horizontally striped sweater that is two sizes too big. And scene. 

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