dot mixing

What can I say? I'm a fan of anything which falls into the polka-dot printed variety. The classic print can be paired with virtually anything to add that touch of spunk, because an outfit sans spunk is a tragedy, you know. Today, I bore my true affinity for polka-dots by pairing my dotted sweater with my favorite speckled tights. The daintily printed tights serve as a light dessert to the main course, the bold circle-emblazoned sweater. Truth be told, this outfit is kind of a mash  ed potatoes of a few of my go-to favorite pieces. Like Jelly Bellys, you can pick out all of your favorite flavors, but that may not mean they will taste good if you eat them together...juicy pear, sizzling cinnamon and blueberry. Ew. I'll let you decide.

note to self: comparing clothes to food doesn't usually work as well in words as it does in my head. These are the things that flow from my brain at 11:48 p.m.