pleated skirts and dream-etched shirts

You see, it's finals week here at The University of Alabama, so this mediocre instagram picture will have to do for my weekly-ish post. I didn't feel like begging someone to take pictures of me, for such a task is burdensome to one who spends the majority of the week cooped up in the library, only reaching for sunlight to pay a pizza man or to test their persistant study-tactics.
I have somehow managed to catch the flu this weekend, but today I lured my achey body from my now diseased flannel sheets to try my game at Christmas shopping. I wanted to appease my sickly state and sport the sweat-shirt/legging combination that has become my movie-watching/bed-lounging/soup-eating uniform. But, that just isn't the kind of outfit that can keep me in the Christmas spirit. There is something about a pleated mini that can pull any defeated, homesick and flu-ridden student from the depths of finals week to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. Yes, I do get the anime schoolgirl vibe you all are feeling from this outfit. But, what can you do? Happy almost holidays!