lol vintage

Asking a girl to describe her personal style is like asking her to fit all her Halloween costumes from years past in a shoebox. Well, maybe not for you, but I was Cruella DeVille, a dead clown, Elvis Presley, Tinkerbell and a grim reaper over a span of six years, so the analogy seemed fitting. I mean, the clown wig alone...
 Getting dressed in the morning is the first thing I accomplish each day. It begins with hastily pulled hangers and too many layers and ends with my 5-by-7 1930's sleeping porch converted bedroom covered in sweaters and sequins. Maybe I'm the only one, maybe it's silly, but creating a character out of my clothes has become one of my favorite past-times.
Today I combined my two favorite sartorially sanctioned genres, but really just ended up looking like an American Girl doll that stole a thing or two out of Miley Cyrus's closet. I promise I didn't mean to make this happen, sometimes great things flow out of my fingers when I just let it happen. But, hold up. I think I just described my personal style. I am a huge fan of (dare I say the most cliche and overused phrase in the fashion culture today?) vintage, nope, can't do it. Trends of decades past. I am a fan of my grandmother's clothes combined with just the right touch of edgy flare. Edgy in the sense that I like metal accents, leather details and minimalistic color palates. Does that sound pretentious enough? Ok, good.
I'd say this look is a good example of what happens when I have "nothing to wear." I usually end up pulling out a kitschy sweater and boots and see how many layers I can pile on before I start sweating.


 and if this post wasn't pretentious enough for you...this is me showing you what I'm reading.

American Girl doll: sweater-c/o Molly McIntire(Old Navy), skirt- Kit Kittredge(Urban), Necklace-Kaya, duh. Miley Cyrus: boots-Urban, jacket-Target