While most days my brain is stuck swimming in circles around the idea of moving North, this weekend Alabama held its own in the world of fashion. I covered the last two days of Birmingham Fashion Week for The Crimson White, my first real fashion show, my first time taking pictures for an event and my first real press pass. Needless to say, this girl was just a tiny bit excited.

You can read my article for the CW here.

Friday, Joshua McKinley and Anthony Ryan Auld from Project Runway showcased their collections alongside aspiring undergrads and a few local boutiques.


Joshua McKinley

Anthony Ryan Auld: I absolutely loved this collection. The streamline, masculine touches are simply perfection.


Saturday did not disappoint. Heidi Elnora opened the night with her most recent bridal collection, inspired by Snow White and the Huntsman. (and by inspired, I mean the entire show was an all-out performance.) I doubt there was a single audience member without goosebumps. 

Really, Hiedi stole the night, but a few other boutiques showed new lines along with the emerging designer finale. Overall a great night and a great first fashion show. I've been on cloud nine ever since.