that one time I bought tennis shoes

I've been offered a pair of new tennis shoes a few times between now and six years ago, but always ended up spending my allotted seasonal new shoe on something a little more representative of my style.  My style pays little to no attention to functionality  and thus my little feet are squished and contorted to fit into whatever shoe fits my fancy, not my arch. I mean, tennis shoes are for the athletic driven not the aesthetic driven.
My dad however, was appalled at my lack of athletic-wear and almost drug me to Dick's to pick out a new pair of tennies, probably hoping new clothes might inspire my usually dormant drive to participate in athletic activity. I picked out the brightest pair I could find and Leandra Medine has them so... sorry, Dad, no 5K's just yet.
I have managed to sport them on a weekly basis and I'm ready to admit my fault. These Nike Free's are the most comfortable things my precious pedi have ever rested inside. My apologies for the previous hate directed toward those perpetually caught in activewear.
Per my usual nature, I couldn't just save my new Nikes to accompany jogging shorts and T-shirts. Lets be real, those are my pajamas. I simply slipped them on when a neon shoe seemed fitting and that's probably never, so I threw them on with some leather skinnies and a flower-print button-down.

 [shirt-zara, pants-h&m, shoes-nike]

Thanks, Katie Hall for the pictures xo