this girl

Today is one of my dearest and most stylish (even though she doesn't know it) friend's birthday. Maybe she doesn't keep up with trends on the runway or even know who Oscar de la Renta is, but her unique sense of style comes from the depths of her being and to me, that is a real fashionista.
 Now, that seems really dramatic. Depths of her being? Yes, if you laid out an outfit of hers, you would know her. You might find loosely knit colorful sweaters celebrating her love of all things warm and cozy, worn to the bone lace-up oxfords that make the perfect clacking sound so as to keep time when walking across hardwood, but not so much that it draws attention, (Ms. Thigpen wouldn't have that.)  collared shirts with classic patterns and band t-shirts galore. This woman wears her heart on her quite literal sleeve.
You really can tell a lot about a woman by the way she dresses and despite a mostly neutral color palate and boyish silhouettes, Sarah manages to slide a bit of class into her garb by way of lipstick and a perfectly messy topknot. Maybe you don't know it, but Sarah you inspire me every day be it your classic-comfy styling, ardor for art or desire to grow and know more. Thanks for being my wingwoman. P.S. Imma need you to help me lay down that track tonight.

Happy 21st Sarah Laura Marie Thigpen! I am continually thankful that you have slipped your way into the weaving of my life. Soul sisters.