When outfits go awry. Fashionistas aren't infallible. There are plenty of ways to use my snarky writing style to cover up the fact that this outfit is not flattering and really just doesn't look that great, but that would be misleading. Despite the strategic placement of the front half of the men's grey t-shirt and the perfectly arranged medley of necklaces, it was a miss.
 Frumpy was not the first word that came to mind when I left the house this morning. I was confident of my sartorial choices, likening them to that of Ms. Medine's famous dress pant/sneaker combination and or Karla Deras' flattering t-shirt choices. But my high-school body is no longer and shapeless dress pants (even if they are name brand and on sale for $16) only look good on a frail frame, phat free if you will.
Why would I blog about self-proclaimed fashion mishaps? Because my favorite campus photog told me the lighting was perfect and I obviously didn't spend enough time in front of a full-length mirror that morning so the #ootd was documented and I felt obligated to remain transparent and not leave out any fashion excursion even if I didn't quite make it up the mountain. Phat never fails and frail is overrated.

 [pants-belk (don't get them), shirt-men's AE, shoes-nike free]