april in review

This year I learned that I thrive when presented with a structured schedule. I keep a strict planner and utilize every hour on campus for working and not facebooking. I think this year I've noticed myself growing up a little bit. Birthdays just don't do it for me as much anymore, it's the end of the school year that really makes me reflect.
Lately,  I've had less time to plan the perfect sidewalk strutting combination and less time to dress to my fancy for no particular reason. My reasons now have reasons and my wardrobe isn't one of them.
Even though I haven't documented my sartorial choices as much as I'd like, I can probably recap for you. These last two months have been filled with men's shirts, belts and shoes and lots of black and white.
I think along with my mature work choices came a sartorial cleansing of sorts. Out with the playful prints and polka-dots and in with the minimalist streamline look of Ukrainian men. I actually don't know how Ukrainian men dress, but it seems like it would be black and white and straight lines and I'm not blonde so maybe this comparison does not work, but that's just the first thing that rolled off my fingers. You're right, I don't look Ukrainian.
So here is a fair representation of an April outfit. Also, these are my favorite shoes I've ever purchased. So many blisters.

[shirt-AE men, pants-delias(circa 8th grade), shoes-BCBG
Pictures: Daniel Roth