because real women wear cropped tops

I claim to be too good for a lot of things—cheeky denim, boys in fraternities, flower crowns and lactose. With that said, I am not about to pretend I am too good for the cropped top. American Apparel, Zara or Isabel Marant they've all displayed that perfectly poignant sliver of ribcage. Beyonce could not have shown the world what a "Survivor" she was without giving the world a glimpse of her rock hard abs. You're right, those weren't cropped tops they were glorified bathing suit tops, but that's neither here nor there. I certainly don't share a likeness with Bey's aforementioned rock hard abs, but I am tired of waiting until I think I am "skinny enough" to sport a midriff baring tank. Really no one is "skinny enough" for a cropped top. Those girls on Tumblr with septum piercings, pink hair, smoking a hand-rolled cig and sipping on their latte creations with cropped tops and denim diapers aren't real. 

I've made it known to many a fellow fashionista that I don't quite understand the American Apparel aesthetic. It's like Abercrombie & Fitch all grown up without the huge moose stretched strategically across a woman's chest. Their customer is without curves and doesn't care that the clothing is poorly constructed and meant to fit an 11-year-old. I caved and bought their white turtleneck cropped top to pair with the multitude of high-waisted skirts in my summer repertoire. I just needed something plain and relatively cheap, ok?

But hey, if you don't happen to fit the American Apparel "aesthetic" and their disco pants might just melt into your cellulite, you can still rock the ribcage with one of their cropped creations. Paired with a rib-grazing skirt and you're good to go show. Cheers to my first purchase of the summer.
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