where are you now horse girl?

I have forever been intrigued with the horse girl/dolphin girl phenomenon. Although they embody two completely different personas, every girl was friends (could still be friends with or was really just you) with a horse girl and a dolphin girl. But what happened to them after they grew up? My horse girl/dolphin girl friendships lasted until we grew out of playing with American Girl dolls, which is probably a lot older than you think. Do they still hold their respective niche in a friend group? Where are you now?

The dolphin girl was favorable when you needed an extra Lisa Frank sticker to adorn your planner. Hers was covered, not an inch unadorned with rainbow possibly drug-induced designs, and she had plenty to spare. Although she never handed over one of the coveted metallic dolphin stickers, those were saved for diary entries and passed notes to the newer envied friend. The dolphin girl was good for borrowing/stealing the new Sims expansion packs and was allowed to wear spaghetti strapped tanks from Limited Too way before you. Where are you now dolphin girl?
Horse girls were another story. Horse girls usually had older horse girl sisters and therefor wore hand-me-down horse girl clothes like flared embroidered jeans and Grand Canyon horse T-shirts. I never really "got" my horse girl friends, I just couldn't relate to their adoration of the gentle giants. Somehow those tiny tots could tame the behemoth creatures, guiding them over jumps and around barrels without real physical strength. (I don't recall gym being their best subject. Horse girls were the smart nonathletic bunch.) Maybe that intimidated me as a 4th grader. How could horse girl ride a horse without fear, without reservation and come back from her weekend away (she missed a lot of sleepovers for horse shows) unscathed with a blue ribbon and only dirt smudges on her glasses. Where are you now horse girl?
Maybe I'm missing out on a whole brand of woman not hanging on to my animal-loving compatriots. Who are these woman? Do you still find every sweater, dress and sock emblazoned with your favorite land and sea creature? Are you the "got a nose ring in college girl that only eats grass-fed beef/chicken because your love of grazing farm animals expanded to all barnyard animals?" Are you the "creative writing major trying to unearth and revive the book-binding process of centuries past girl?" Or, are you "always have a serious boyfriend girl," replacing your love of animals with the love of a man, maybe he's hairy and wild like desert horses or bald and overly friendly like your bottle-nose sea mammals.
Wow. That was a tangent I wasn't expecting to explore. All to say, look at my dress. It has horses on it. It's probably my favorite thing I've bought in a while and I am planning on wearing it on the next date I am asked just to see his reaction. I bet he'll think I'm a horse girl. I have a feeling horse girls went on to be the reserved, secretly pretentious, beauties behind glasses types. I've got one of the three.
Side note: I was a bug girl, but that's a different story. Spidergirl900, out.
Also, it twirls. This is my attempted demonstration.
[dress-madewell, shoes-dsw (old,) belt-uo (old,) jacket-target]