10 Things I Love about my Neighborhood

  1. Gladys
  2. I thought for the longest time my super knew my name, but was just saying it kind of weird. No, he’s been saying “baby.” But he has cooked me dinner and tells me good morning before I leave for work every day.
  3. I am one block from the farmers market, Brooklyn Public Library and the Brooklyn Museum of Art
  4. Someone is always barbecuing in the summer, so it always smells delicious.
  5. We are two blocks away from Alabama friends and it makes me feel like we’re on Seinfeld.
  6. My neighbor’s dog’s name is Coconut Dragon
  7. The two closest grocery stores are both kind of gross, limited and everything feels sticky. But, it makes decision making easy and quick.
  8. It takes one episode of Serial or Radiolab to get from my house to work and I’m never left with a cliffhanger.
  9. Everyone doesn't ALWAYS walk with headphones in and sometimes I get head nods and half smiles.
  10. My coffee shop is also an ice cream shop. Great coffee and better ice cream, but there’s also a “kid section” and it’s hard to get work done there because it smells like stale Cheetos and boogers sometimes.

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