plant mom


Alternate title: Plants to keep in your apartment when all of your fingers are black and the thought of your touch sends even the sturdiest succulents shriveling into themselves

I am an aspiring plant lady. I am absolutely not a plant expert. I love to keep potted plants in every corner and hang ivy in all windows, but my combination of black thumbs and lack of natural light usually sends my greenery to the grave in a matter of months. I do commend them for the time they spend with me, at least I know they tried. 

Here’s a list of a few plants I’ve found can survive even the most hostile apartment environments (cats, lighting, reruns of Greys Anatomy)


ZZ plant. I’ve had my zamioculcas for more than two years in various nooks in my apartment and he doesn’t seem to prefer any location. No matter how long I forget to water him he still stands strong. Bless you little guy.

Pothos. I have a couple of pothos vines hanging in my windows and I think they are here to stay. I bought them already pretty full, but with weekly pruning and watering I’ve managed to keep them pretty perky.

Haworthia. This little succulent has survived on my desk for one year; half of it not being watered. I sweat I think he likes it better without what. Maybe that’s the point of succulents? However I have killed, rather quickly, every single other succulent I’ve ever owned. They look good for approximately one month before shriveling. 

Air Plants. Because all they need is air.

NOT PALMS. I just put my palm out to the curb, having slowly killed over the span of two and a half years. Palms need lots and lots of light and will not survive a trip home for Christmas. RIP