5 Little Things

Weekends, for me, are a time to reset and refuel. I find myself worked into a rigid weekday routine that provides little time for sunshine, relaxation and little happy things that make me smile.

It sounds kitschy and trite, but I consider my little happy things a form of self care. It’s usually something like perusing a bookstore, buying myself fresh flowers, people watching at the farmer's market, a new white T-shirt and going to a neighborhood bar with a friend. It’s the things that pull you out of your schedule and make you notice your senses.

I’m starting a series every Friday called “Five Little Things.” These “things” will be snippets from my week that I’ve bookmarked, bought or discovered that might inspire a few happy things for your weekend.

Read: The most read story on wsj.com ever. The followup to the viral BBC interview. The little girl reminds me of toddler me, glasses and all.

Wear: These dusty pink wide-leg jeans. My half birthday is coming up so..

Smell: I just bought this handmade incense burner on my trip to Nashville. It has been a welcoming fragrance after a long work day.

Eat: Nothing cheers me up like a solid charcuterie plate. I can’t wait to start registering for things like these

Discover: I don’t plan on going back to school anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop learning. I’m planning on taking art classes here this spring.