birmingham bound


I moved to Birmingham, Alabama!

I wish i had been able to share more Winter 2018 here on the blog, but I just wasn't feeling inspired. I was stuck in a rotation of pilled sweaters and limited social interaction, thus limiting inspiring #content. But I'm in a brand new location and the inspiration is flowing. I'm excited to get back on the blogging bandwagon. I hope to include lots of southern food spots, antique and vintage shopping and an entire post dedicated to my mule collection. 

But for now... I'm back in the South. New York has changed me. I'm a better person, a stronger woman, a fiercer ally because of it. I was so sad to leave, but I am so excited to start fresh, at home.

I got a new job covering women's issues for I can't wait to see the stories that come from it. I want to elevate southern women's voices and empower those in my new community. 

I have so much to write about. My fingers are aching with anticipation, waiting with baited breath for the opportunity to let flow all the things that have been sitting patiently at the tip of my tongue: all the reasons I love and will miss New York, the reasons we left, my new sense of place and home, my new city, what it feels like to be in Alabama again. I'm feeling renewed with this move. It really is crazy what a change of locale will do to a creative brain. I don't think this post is for waxing poetic about my personal sense of place in the world. But I just wanted to tell you that I'm back and I'm feeling renewed and revived. Winter is over and my fingers are ready to spend some time tapping out the stories I've kept cooped up in my brain for a few months.

You guys seem to appreciate the gossipy dirty details of my day to day. I too am one to salivate over the intimacies expressed via internet. But is there anything else you'd like me to highlight over this blogging journey? I'm no interior decorator, but my new apartment is pretty cute. Would you be interested in an apartment tour? What about day in the life style vlogging? I know what I like to see on blogs/Instagram. But I'd love to know what kinds of content you can't get enough of. 

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