goodbye, Tuscaloosa

IMG_0117 After graduating from college and all that the mile-marker entails, I am trying to tone down the Forever 21 tutus and cat sweatshirt purchases and instead look for more job-friendly finds. Madewell's sale section has become my go-to for grown-up-gal looks that suit both my style and my desire to look like a trustworthy, job-holding member of the adult world. I plan on this striped tunic dress being in constant rotation in my professional wardrobe—dressed up with a camel-colored blazer of course.

I don't think I will ever own a skirt suit, unless it has polka-dots on it and I can wear it with a turtle-neck, cropped top. I've only really worn my plain black pumps to Christmas Eve Mass. And nude tights will never be in my winter repertoire. I think I will always show a bit of spunk in regards to grown-up clothes. I figure I have a good 20 years before I need nude tights to cover whatever leg blemishes you get post-children.

Also. What's a semi-adult look without an exaggerated neon-blue cat-eye? Probably not work-friendly, but what really defines work-appropriate? Not neon? Ok.

Thanks Madewell, for always being on point with your casual, kind of adultish clothes. Keep up the good work.

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[dress-madewell, scarf-madewell, shoes-nine west, bangle-madewell, watch-as0s]

Thanks, Daniel for the photos.


I think I've finally begun to shed my minimalistic looks of winter's past to uncover my inner off-duty model look. I'm really feeling the whole grungy, tumblr, selfie-girl swag of Cara Delevigne and M. Cyrus. Yeah, swag. I said it. They always look so effortlessly chic. Probably effortless because they really do get out of bed at noon and roll into whatever predetermined lunch date their publicist recommends. Either way, they look good. The hair undone, the T-shirt knotted like they just don't give a what. I'm digging it. Here's my take. P.S. Blogging isn't at the top of my list these days, hence this lackadaisical post. I didn't have time to dig through a thesaurus to find a cooler word for swag. Swag it is. You know, just trying to get graduated and find a job. Hire me?

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[shirt-target, vest-river island (old), skirt-target, shoes-target]

If this pose doesn't convince you to hire me, I'm not sure what else I can do.

Thanks, Austin for the photos.



basics by abigailcrain featuring pom hats

The past couple of months have been a fun little style experiment. Many days, I let go of my over-accessorized looks, once bathed in polka-dots and bangles, and stick with the basics. Let's be real, I don't have a Phillip Lim bag and I probably won't ever have a Phillip Lim bag. But, for example's sake, here is a modest representation of my usual go-to-class uniform when creativity is lacking and the cold weather isn't.
1. Black skinnies have been the pants at the top of my drawer and never at the bottom of my laundry hamper. Black jeans can go days without washing, right?
2/3. Oversized sweater and collared shirt combo. You can never go wrong. 
4. Just a little somethin' somethin' to feel feminine when I'm draping my self with balloon-ish proportions and colors evaporate from my wardrobe.
5. An oversized tote is a perfect substitute to my Jansport circa 4th grade. It's big enough for laptop/binder/camera and leaves a substantial indention on my right shoulder. 
6/7. Dainty jewelry seems to work well with knits and doesn't get caught in the weaving. Plus, I like them.
8. I think my H&M black booties have been my most worn shoe this winter. The heel is the perfect height for traipsing around campus and clacking on tile floors. I love clacking.
9. I understand beanies are "a thing", but pom-poms are my thing. When walking with an added bounce on top of my head, it seems to balance out my grown-up minimalist look of black on black on white.