if i was your boyfriend, i'd never let you go.


Image To the jeans with a nine-inch inseam,

Thank you for finding me. I searched high on the shelves of Madewell—overpriced, but probably sturdy, and still too much for me to pay for a pair of jeans. I searched low in the recesses Gap's sale section. The fit too tight to claim to be my boyfriend's jeans. You see, I wanted  the saggy, the shredded, the "I took these right out of my boyfriend's laundry hamper and cinched them just tight enough to rest on my hips with his belt" look. Alas, I have no boyfriend to comb through dirty clothes baskets and every pair of boyfriend jeans I've found seem like they'd suffocate my metaphorical boyfriend's nether region. The boyfriend I'd steal clothes from does not wear the same jeans as me.

But I found them. Forever 21 has my back. I bought them three sizes "too big" they didn't fit just the way I wanted. They are as unflattering as I had envisioned—saggy, frumpy, ragged—and they're perfect.




[sweater-j.crew, jeans-forever21, boots-zara, bag-rm]



IMG_0784To round out my Christmas break, I took a trip to see my lovely summer roommates in our old stomping grounds. It was so nice to see New York in all of her wintery, snowy glory. Due to the "polar vortex" sweeping across the country, mostof my carefully calculated outfits—deemed unworthy to wear to Chili's or Panera Bread at home—ended up not being able to keep out the bitter cold, thus remained at the bottom of my suitcase. However, our trip to brunch at Rosemary's and walk around Central Park proved perfect weather to sport my most prized Christmas present, my J.Crew moto skirt. I'm crossing my fingers this will be my last visit. Also, this bag is everything I've been looking for in a carry-on, carry-all, out and about bag for a couple years now. Plus it adds a punchy chic note to any drab legging/sweater look I find myself in when school starts.

IMG_0806 IMG_0788 IMG_0814 IMG_0796IMG_0797[sweater-h&m, skirt-j.crew(on sale!!), bag-dsw, hat-gap, scarf-h&m, coat-mamaw's, boots-thanks syd]

Ballerina Wannabe

Along with my lack of athletic ability came a lack of hand-eye coordination, grace, and poise; basically everything you need to be a ballerina. I have always admired dancers and their effortless movements that caress the black mat of a stage. I love the sound delicate pointe shoes make on the scuffed floor, the sleek bun that wisps away stray hair that may detract fervent ballerina concentration, and the tutus. Oh, the TUTUS! I had my time to shine as a dancer, but a mere babe in my "Big Bird"-like feathery costume. It just wasn't quite the same as the delicate lace protruding starkly from a dancer's tiny waist. I digress. What I'm trying to get across is that I am determined to find a tutu acceptable to wear in public. If Carrie Bradshaw can do it, so can I.

I promise I will wear a bra with my tutu ensemble.

Modern Ballerina

Oxford shirt
£142 - cricket-fashion.com

Old Navy cropped denim vest
$30 - oldnavy.gap.com

Sia Dimitriadi party skirt
$767 - wolfandbadger.com

L.K.Bennett flat sandals
£150 - johnlewis.com

J Crew vintage bag
$300 - jcrew.com

Kate spade bangle
$128 - katespade.com

Jane Norman heart earrings
£5 - janenorman.co.uk