it's Ralph LauREN.

The first week of NYC living is winding down. One word, overwhelming. It's safe to say nothing in my entire life could prepare me to navigate foreign cities and their transportation systems and know how to properly organize a fashion closet.
Instead of my usual outfit posts, here's a list of a few things I've learned. I'll find someone to take pictures soon. I can't even be humble about it, I fit in.

How to pronounce Herve Leger and Ralph LauREN.
The train you get off for work WILL NOT be the train you take to get home.
Also, the subway is more colloquially known as a train.
Serial commas aren't obsolete.
Nipples are in here. Sheer bra or go braless. (Just because I've learned it, doesn't mean I'll try it.)
They really don't say "y'all."
Don't ever ever go into Zara without intention to buy. You'll leave hurt and empty.

Here's a picture of me trying to look like Jordan Baker from The Great Gatsby to hold you over. Sorry my palazzos aren't silk and don't have a matching top.

[shirt-uo, pants-forever21]