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Asking a girl to describe her personal style is like asking her to fit all her Halloween costumes from years past in a shoebox. Well, maybe not for you, but I was Cruella DeVille, a dead clown, Elvis Presley, Tinkerbell and a grim reaper over a span of six years, so the analogy seemed fitting. I mean, the clown wig alone...
 Getting dressed in the morning is the first thing I accomplish each day. It begins with hastily pulled hangers and too many layers and ends with my 5-by-7 1930's sleeping porch converted bedroom covered in sweaters and sequins. Maybe I'm the only one, maybe it's silly, but creating a character out of my clothes has become one of my favorite past-times.
Today I combined my two favorite sartorially sanctioned genres, but really just ended up looking like an American Girl doll that stole a thing or two out of Miley Cyrus's closet. I promise I didn't mean to make this happen, sometimes great things flow out of my fingers when I just let it happen. But, hold up. I think I just described my personal style. I am a huge fan of (dare I say the most cliche and overused phrase in the fashion culture today?) vintage, nope, can't do it. Trends of decades past. I am a fan of my grandmother's clothes combined with just the right touch of edgy flare. Edgy in the sense that I like metal accents, leather details and minimalistic color palates. Does that sound pretentious enough? Ok, good.
I'd say this look is a good example of what happens when I have "nothing to wear." I usually end up pulling out a kitschy sweater and boots and see how many layers I can pile on before I start sweating.


 and if this post wasn't pretentious enough for you...this is me showing you what I'm reading.

American Girl doll: sweater-c/o Molly McIntire(Old Navy), skirt- Kit Kittredge(Urban), Necklace-Kaya, duh. Miley Cyrus: boots-Urban, jacket-Target

four eyes

Sometimes the post-holiday slump can only be tolerated by hiding behind cozy knits and a pair of statement-making specs. My sister and I were forced into prescription lenses shortly after we learned to walk. Back then, Molly McIntire was the only four-eyed celebrity for us to find solace in our nerd-defined misery, and she wasn't even considered "cool" amongst the American Girl Doll clan. I wanted Kit.

But today, us nearsighted Nancy's can stand proud, eyes magnified, behind whatever overstated tortoise shell frames catch our blurred gaze, because someone great decided visual disabilities are cool. It's cool to be blind, it's cool to hide behind frames that mask 3/4 of your face. (When in public and not hiding behind the name of a snarky blog-title or screen-name, one can now hide their true identity behind massive eyewear.) Thank goodness for Warby Parker. This Christmas, I decided to embrace my nerdy-chic alter-ego, bite the bullet and chose the biggest baddest frames I could find. The thicker the rim the smarter you look, right?   
Really, this was just an excuse for Lily and I to document our cozy winter outfits, complete with collars under sweaters over corduroys and toboggans on top. 
[sweater-old navy, pants-uo, coat-target, hat-hm, glasses, warby parker]
[shirt-jcrew, coat-forever21, pants and hat-gap, glasses, anthropologie]

dot mixing

What can I say? I'm a fan of anything which falls into the polka-dot printed variety. The classic print can be paired with virtually anything to add that touch of spunk, because an outfit sans spunk is a tragedy, you know. Today, I bore my true affinity for polka-dots by pairing my dotted sweater with my favorite speckled tights. The daintily printed tights serve as a light dessert to the main course, the bold circle-emblazoned sweater. Truth be told, this outfit is kind of a mash  ed potatoes of a few of my go-to favorite pieces. Like Jelly Bellys, you can pick out all of your favorite flavors, but that may not mean they will taste good if you eat them together...juicy pear, sizzling cinnamon and blueberry. Ew. I'll let you decide.

note to self: comparing clothes to food doesn't usually work as well in words as it does in my head. These are the things that flow from my brain at 11:48 p.m.

sister, sister

Tia and Tamara, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Kim and Kourtney, Abbey and Lily, the best celebrity broads always have an equally quirky/good-looking counterpart sharing the gene pool. Mine happens to be super stylish. (among other admirable qualities) Though shy, this lady exudes confidence and dares to be noticed with her fashion choices.
On this rather sweltering August night, we both opted to style chunky sweaters using the summer-sweater method, choosing a breezy top with shorty shorts usually appropriate for junior highers. But hey, as long as the top is covered its okay, right? Who cares. We both picked out black sweaters and didn't mean to match, so it must be documented, and she's absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to brag. Boom. Run-on sentence for the win.

P.S Anna you are not forgotten. She is the Khloe to our Kardashian-wannabe-trifecta. The third sister needs a post all to her self. The diva cannot be contained to half of a post. xoxo

Ballerina Wannabe

Along with my lack of athletic ability came a lack of hand-eye coordination, grace, and poise; basically everything you need to be a ballerina. I have always admired dancers and their effortless movements that caress the black mat of a stage. I love the sound delicate pointe shoes make on the scuffed floor, the sleek bun that wisps away stray hair that may detract fervent ballerina concentration, and the tutus. Oh, the TUTUS! I had my time to shine as a dancer, but a mere babe in my "Big Bird"-like feathery costume. It just wasn't quite the same as the delicate lace protruding starkly from a dancer's tiny waist. I digress. What I'm trying to get across is that I am determined to find a tutu acceptable to wear in public. If Carrie Bradshaw can do it, so can I.

I promise I will wear a bra with my tutu ensemble.

Modern Ballerina

Oxford shirt
£142 -

Old Navy cropped denim vest
$30 -

Sia Dimitriadi party skirt
$767 -

L.K.Bennett flat sandals
£150 -

J Crew vintage bag
$300 -

Kate spade bangle
$128 -

Jane Norman heart earrings
£5 -