a girl and her cape, a love story

This evening I will share how I stumbled upon the winter must-have that I never knew I needed. A couple of weeks ago my mom, sisters and I met in Birmingham to look for  Christmas ideas and the possible obligatory seasonal shopping trip allowance, but mostly Christmas ideas. It's a bad habit to have, but it is almost impossible for me to window shop, especially when the weather is just beginning to drop to temperatures appropriate for the layered look I so often crave.

After bobbing in and out of boutiques and make-up stores, quickly racking up a substantial mental Christmas list, we made it to our favorite department store. Shoes...check, sale section....check. We made the rounds, and then...the Calvin Klein cape that changed my life. The camel color, the leather piping, who in their right mind wouldn't at least try it on? I admired my exaggerated silhouette -dramatic enough to sport on Commes des Garcons  runway and I cringed as I turned over the price tag. I expected a price that would mirror the way this cape made me feel: extravagant. But, no. This bad boy was almost 70% off. I guess no one else could see the potential contained in a Calvin Klein knee-length camel cape. Needless to say, I simply could not wait until Christmas and without hesitation bought my treasure and have been eating Ramen Noodles for dinner ever since. 

Some may say a cape is a little "over-the-top" for everyday wear, and here is where I will prove "some" wrong. Be prepared, because this girl is going get some serious wear-time out of her most favorite piece of clothing ever purchased. I will now document all of the ways I can wear my cape and maybe convince you that you need one.

Day one: casual
I started with an all black and white outfit. (I'm not usually a fan of monochromatic/neutral ensembles, but have been drawn to it for some reason this season.) I was so excited to break out my knock-off Isabel Marant sneakers from Target and paired them with feux leather leggings, white studded collar button-down and my favorite black T-shirt. I felt that the tennis shoes and all black managed to keep the outfit casual without detracting from the greatness that is my Calvin Klein cape.

Without the cape, I am just a sad looking boyish 13-year-old showing off her wanna-be-trendy sneaks.
Boom. Sophistication.
We are a nice pair, I'd say.