sister, sister

Tia and Tamara, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Kim and Kourtney, Abbey and Lily, the best celebrity broads always have an equally quirky/good-looking counterpart sharing the gene pool. Mine happens to be super stylish. (among other admirable qualities) Though shy, this lady exudes confidence and dares to be noticed with her fashion choices.
On this rather sweltering August night, we both opted to style chunky sweaters using the summer-sweater method, choosing a breezy top with shorty shorts usually appropriate for junior highers. But hey, as long as the top is covered its okay, right? Who cares. We both picked out black sweaters and didn't mean to match, so it must be documented, and she's absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to brag. Boom. Run-on sentence for the win.

P.S Anna you are not forgotten. She is the Khloe to our Kardashian-wannabe-trifecta. The third sister needs a post all to her self. The diva cannot be contained to half of a post. xoxo