black and white

When Sandy appears at the end of Grease in her all-black, skin-tight ensemble, viewers awe over her new-found curves and jaws stand ajar as she flits around the fair. When I wear all black, albeit subtly polka-dotted, leather and sans sex-pot stilettos, I get the "who-are-you-trying-to-be?" stare.

Maybe the boots are a little much paired with the leather jacket. And maybe, the plum lip comes off more punk than punchy. And just maybe the tight braids read rigged rather than refined; but with a monochromatic color palate comes attitude. Black and white read confident and put-together. My T-shirt may have an applique bow and cliché French saying, but you wouldn't question a lady's motives when swaddled in a black leather jacket.

Check out how I styled the rest of my Macy's haul on

[everything is from Macy's mystylelab]
Thanks, Daniel for the photos. Thanks, Austin for editing them.

what I wore

To be honest, fashion inspiration is lacking in this academic-logged brain of mine, hence the less than regular posts lately. I have been consumed with other things, causing me to cherish every extra minute I allow myself to sleep thus leaving no time to plan out proper school attire, because yes, I do in fact need extra time to plan what I wear. Fatal flaw? Maybe. Run-on sentence? Definitely. 

When dressing up your average skinny jeans and button down ensemble, I like to sport an unexpected shoe, like a dressy pair of pumps. Pumps and skinnies, skinnies and pumps, they go together like Anna Wintour and the front row of every show at fashion week. Speaking of which, that is the 42nd MBFW I've missed in my short life and I plan on making it the last. I will be there in September if it's the last thing I do. I've already said too much. This is what I wore one day last week.

[shirt-forver21, pants-zara, shoes-sam edelman, necklace-it's an original and you can't have it]
Thank you, Marc Torrence for snapping these on the spot.
You should check out CollegeFashionista's latest collaboration with American Eagle. I got to style a pair of their shorts and ended up wearing this same shirt.