cotton frocks and grey streaked locks

These past few months, I've tried to make a point not to patronize any restaurant or activity, fearing I may miss out on the variety of the city. One place I haven't been able to resist going back for more is the Brooklyn Flea Market. Chock full of housewares, vintage clothes and handmade jewels; there's nothing quite like heading over the bridge to spend the afternoon eating from food trucks and envisioning my future apartment filled with the homemade accoutrements. I can count on one hand the number of tangible things I'll be bringing home with me from the summer and two of them come from the flea market. I say tangible, because if I'm being honest with you, I'm coming home a different gal, filled to the brim with experiences and life lessons I plan on carrying with me most everywhere.

One of my most favorite purchases is this simple white dress. The dress peddler told me she found it in someone's basement in Brooklyn. I plan on giving new life to this cotton gem, resurrecting it from the depths of mildew and mire because every girl needs a capped sleeve cotton frocks for day strolling, date taking and church going. One dress. Three ways. I'll let you decide for yourself which outfit is which.

Side note: there's no hiding that grey streak now that my hair is longer. Helen Mirren, Betty White, Richard Gere, Anderson Cooper, I'm joining the club in approximately T-5 years.

photos by Nina Sacks.