if i was your boyfriend, i'd never let you go.


Image To the jeans with a nine-inch inseam,

Thank you for finding me. I searched high on the shelves of Madewell—overpriced, but probably sturdy, and still too much for me to pay for a pair of jeans. I searched low in the recesses Gap's sale section. The fit too tight to claim to be my boyfriend's jeans. You see, I wanted  the saggy, the shredded, the "I took these right out of my boyfriend's laundry hamper and cinched them just tight enough to rest on my hips with his belt" look. Alas, I have no boyfriend to comb through dirty clothes baskets and every pair of boyfriend jeans I've found seem like they'd suffocate my metaphorical boyfriend's nether region. The boyfriend I'd steal clothes from does not wear the same jeans as me.

But I found them. Forever 21 has my back. I bought them three sizes "too big" they didn't fit just the way I wanted. They are as unflattering as I had envisioned—saggy, frumpy, ragged—and they're perfect.




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Old Century Church goes Vogue

A college town like Tuscaloosa feels vacant when the majority of students have gone home to be with family or left for exotic countries to study abroad. With not much going on during the weekends...besides work, Sarah and I have spent a few lazy afternoons in search of Tuscaloosa's hidden treasures. Of course, I use this opportunity to dress to my liking and convince her to snap a few pictures on our pursuit. In the midst of dirt roads and golf courses we managed to find this gem; founded in 1875, Old Century Church.

P.S Suede in summer? I don't know if I'd recommend it, but I could not pass up an unexpected textile union also known as the denim-suede shuffle. The textures compliment each other beautifully.

Thanks, Sarah

Baby Clothes

Overalls most often give off an elementary school impression but with proper layering can be transformed from an infant bodysuit most often seen on six and unders to a look desired by adults of the fashion conscious variety. In my interpretation of the denim onesie, I chose a soft pink blazer to add a note of sophistication and coral platforms to counter an otherwise kindergarten ensemble. Together, with the granny clutch and oversized cuff the combination no longer resembles a child of the 90's but a silly lady trying to look coy in adult overalls.

Thanks, Mallory for so graciously putting up with the pre-coffee photo-shoot.