if i was your boyfriend, i'd never let you go.


Image To the jeans with a nine-inch inseam,

Thank you for finding me. I searched high on the shelves of Madewell—overpriced, but probably sturdy, and still too much for me to pay for a pair of jeans. I searched low in the recesses Gap's sale section. The fit too tight to claim to be my boyfriend's jeans. You see, I wanted  the saggy, the shredded, the "I took these right out of my boyfriend's laundry hamper and cinched them just tight enough to rest on my hips with his belt" look. Alas, I have no boyfriend to comb through dirty clothes baskets and every pair of boyfriend jeans I've found seem like they'd suffocate my metaphorical boyfriend's nether region. The boyfriend I'd steal clothes from does not wear the same jeans as me.

But I found them. Forever 21 has my back. I bought them three sizes "too big" they didn't fit just the way I wanted. They are as unflattering as I had envisioned—saggy, frumpy, ragged—and they're perfect.




[sweater-j.crew, jeans-forever21, boots-zara, bag-rm]



"Let me be ragged or well dressed."

How about both? You can't often have it all; or be it all, but you can wear it all. 2013 has been the year of sparkle. I don't particularly have a penchant for ball gowns and tiaras—as I am usually struggling to maintain a feminine flair when dressing myself. But if it's covered in sparkles, you better believe I will snatch it up to fight its perverbial princess qualties; pairing it with something distressed or denim. Sequined pocket? Gotta have it. Shiny palazzopant? Need it. Full-length embellished mermaid skirt? Are you kidding? The fight is on.

These days I find myself reflecting on the life changes ahead and closing the college chapter of life. I know this is kind corny and trite, but this outfit embodies my blogs title rather perfectly. With reflection comes nostalgia I suppose.

Are you allowed to wear these kinds of light-catching ensembles on weekdays after age 22? Are sequins commonplace in the work place? Probably not, but I'm determined. This pairing of denim, lace-up boots and the perfect cream-colored cable-knit works to subdue the BCBG held captive in the sequined maxi, by playing up the Ralph Lauren in the textured counterparts—both ragged and well dressed.

[sweater-gap, vest-forever21, skirt-anthropologie, boots-gianna bini (old), bag-rebecca minkoff, lips-nars shanghai express]
Thank you, Daniel for the photos.
Thank you, Marc for the book.

flirting with a middle part

When it comes to "going out" clothes,  I stand mostly clueless. You want to go out for drinks? I don't own any of the sexy Herve Leger-esque bandage dresses, none of my shirts have side cut-outs and all my skirts are knee-length and a-line. I dress like a french boy or a school-girl from 1947, so I'm used to being the girl that watches from afar while my friends get flirted with.

By day I own the sidewalks and command attention in the majority of situations I am placed, but as the sun goes down so do my wardrobe options. I guess you could say my night time clothes are my day time clothes therefore I don't look like I want to flirt with you. My clothes need daylight not dubstep. We'll see how the NYC moon handles my navy tutu. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I'll stick to my usual shorts or pants and chiffon shirt combination. The only difference between this outfit and an outfit I'd wear to meet my grandmother for lunch is the shoes. Shoes and lipstick make an outfit. By make an outfit I mean break up the androgyny emanating from my buttoned up collar and middle part.

This is me not taking myself too seriously and embracing my manly eyebrows. Cheers.
[shirt-forever21, shorts-uo (old), shoes-bcbg, bag-michael kors (roommate love)]
Pictures: Sydney Holmes

when blog friends are real friends

This April marks one year since I decided to actively participate in the fashion world. (p.s. I have my own domain name now. Happy birthday, blog!) My dreams of far off fashion-conscious cities and wide-legged palazzo pants not found in Dixieland forced me to participate in the fashion community in a less than personal manner via cyberspace. Although I may not be invited to MBFW or the Met Gala or brunch with Leandra Medine, this little piece of internet keeps me aware and engaged in an often romanticized and seemingly glamorous world of all things designer and so so far away.

Along with my internship with collegefashionista.com, this blog is really the only place I can discuss  fashion in hopes that another party (really just a voiceless pair of eyes opposite a white-blue light) will engage. Last night I went to dinner with a good friend and my only friend that knows Michael Kors and Lilly Pulitzer are not the only designers, the difference between a Celine and Proenza Schouler bag and that Emily Schuman is selling herself short for the "man." 
Of course this time was also utilized for a quick outfit post. Here's what we wore.

[pants-forever 21, vest-uo, shoes-target]
[shirt-old navy, shorts-j.crew, shoes-tory burch]
Cheers to talking fashion for three hours.

what I wore

To be honest, fashion inspiration is lacking in this academic-logged brain of mine, hence the less than regular posts lately. I have been consumed with other things, causing me to cherish every extra minute I allow myself to sleep thus leaving no time to plan out proper school attire, because yes, I do in fact need extra time to plan what I wear. Fatal flaw? Maybe. Run-on sentence? Definitely. 

When dressing up your average skinny jeans and button down ensemble, I like to sport an unexpected shoe, like a dressy pair of pumps. Pumps and skinnies, skinnies and pumps, they go together like Anna Wintour and the front row of every show at fashion week. Speaking of which, that is the 42nd MBFW I've missed in my short life and I plan on making it the last. I will be there in September if it's the last thing I do. I've already said too much. This is what I wore one day last week.

[shirt-forver21, pants-zara, shoes-sam edelman, necklace-it's an original and you can't have it]
Thank you, Marc Torrence for snapping these on the spot.
You should check out CollegeFashionista's latest collaboration with American Eagle. I got to style a pair of their shorts and ended up wearing this same shirt.

dressed up dressed down

As you all know, my affinity for textured textiles has progressed into somewhat of an obsession with animal skins this season. Leather and leopard print have slowly sneaked into nearly every outfit I have concocted these past few months, be it a shoe, bag, collar or skirt. Today is no exception. I have been dying to style my mom's calf-length leather pencil skirt, and while many may be intimidated by the sometimes awkward calf length hem, the conservatively contrived proportions can often add drama to any ensemble.

I relish the fleeting moments of fashion inspiration that aggregate whilst laying in bed. Instead of sugar plums, I had visions of leather midi skirts dancing in my head. I think clothes should not be contained to what magazines deem their appropriate occasion. Daywear can be nightwear sans tights and nightwear with a sweater can most certainly daywear. What's the fun in having a lengthy leather skirt if you only wear it once for a holiday party? I have relinquished this leather gem from the confines of its proverbial nature and allowed it to be free to roam amongst my wardrobe regulars

Leather skirt for day:

[skirt-anne klein, jacket-forever21, shoes- h&m]
...and night

[shirt-h&m, vest-forever-21, leotard-h&m, necklace-h&m, belt-banana republic, shoes-dsw]