Baby Clothes

Overalls most often give off an elementary school impression but with proper layering can be transformed from an infant bodysuit most often seen on six and unders to a look desired by adults of the fashion conscious variety. In my interpretation of the denim onesie, I chose a soft pink blazer to add a note of sophistication and coral platforms to counter an otherwise kindergarten ensemble. Together, with the granny clutch and oversized cuff the combination no longer resembles a child of the 90's but a silly lady trying to look coy in adult overalls.

Thanks, Mallory for so graciously putting up with the pre-coffee photo-shoot.

These are a few of my favorite things..

My favorite cut-off levis circa 2008, plus my favorite band shirt plus black booties I never thought I needed until I found out they were $10, plus  collared shirt and collared necklace, bright bag, and a bold lip needless accessories equals my personality in an outfit. Although impractical, I just can't wear shorts and a t-shirt. It pains me. I believe through and through that it is the accessories that make an ensemble—hence the cluttered mess I call my grocery shopping/ice cream licking/saturday strolling uniform. I'll stop rambling now; these are my favorite things (trending or not).

Boom. Me. Superfluous accessories. My favorite.

Spring Time Green Time

This past weekend I went to see UA's production of Chicago. It was spectacular, as I think of most all musical productions. These days I see green as more of a neutral; I just realized how many kelly green articles of clothing I owned. These green jeans I got from Urban Outfitters and paired them with a light-weight cream blazer and a bright clutch. For every special occasion (anything besides class) I gotta have the winged eyeliner and stacked bracelets. Don't worry friends, I will work on that pasty pale complexion this weekend.

I also got to celebrate earth day with a two beautiful friends at the earth day festival at Capitol Park. It was a day of picnicking, saving creeks, and elderly gentlemen and their string band.  Again, the green. I don't know what it is. 
P.S. This lovely lady is my personal photographer, thanks again.