geeks love kitsch

I'm not usually one to gravitate towards Lilly, Ralph Lauren, chinos and boat shoes, but I can appreciate the vintage co-ed look as much as the next person. I am always a fan of the genderless loafer and collared shirt.
I was inspired to to pay homage to my Catholic education and dawned my most school-girlish skirt and collegiate-greaser tee. Geek. Ode to Pope.
Let's just reminisce on the term Geek for a moment. Humor me, friends.
The rise of the geek: glasses are fashion, remembering the classic novels we were forced into reading in high school is a necessity. Normalcy is no longer and standing out in honor of unique penchants is preferred. Note the kitschy bicycle socks. Geeks love kitsch.

[shirt-topshop, skirt-h&m, socks-h&m, shoes-uo, lip-nars: fastride]
photos by: Daniel Roth