when blog friends are real friends

This April marks one year since I decided to actively participate in the fashion world. (p.s. I have my own domain name now. Happy birthday, blog!) My dreams of far off fashion-conscious cities and wide-legged palazzo pants not found in Dixieland forced me to participate in the fashion community in a less than personal manner via cyberspace. Although I may not be invited to MBFW or the Met Gala or brunch with Leandra Medine, this little piece of internet keeps me aware and engaged in an often romanticized and seemingly glamorous world of all things designer and so so far away.

Along with my internship with collegefashionista.com, this blog is really the only place I can discuss  fashion in hopes that another party (really just a voiceless pair of eyes opposite a white-blue light) will engage. Last night I went to dinner with a good friend and my only friend that knows Michael Kors and Lilly Pulitzer are not the only designers, the difference between a Celine and Proenza Schouler bag and that Emily Schuman is selling herself short for the "man." 
Of course this time was also utilized for a quick outfit post. Here's what we wore.

[pants-forever 21, vest-uo, shoes-target]
[shirt-old navy, shorts-j.crew, shoes-tory burch]
Cheers to talking fashion for three hours.

four eyes

Sometimes the post-holiday slump can only be tolerated by hiding behind cozy knits and a pair of statement-making specs. My sister and I were forced into prescription lenses shortly after we learned to walk. Back then, Molly McIntire was the only four-eyed celebrity for us to find solace in our nerd-defined misery, and she wasn't even considered "cool" amongst the American Girl Doll clan. I wanted Kit.

But today, us nearsighted Nancy's can stand proud, eyes magnified, behind whatever overstated tortoise shell frames catch our blurred gaze, because someone great decided visual disabilities are cool. It's cool to be blind, it's cool to hide behind frames that mask 3/4 of your face. (When in public and not hiding behind the name of a snarky blog-title or screen-name, one can now hide their true identity behind massive eyewear.) Thank goodness for Warby Parker. This Christmas, I decided to embrace my nerdy-chic alter-ego, bite the bullet and chose the biggest baddest frames I could find. The thicker the rim the smarter you look, right?   
Really, this was just an excuse for Lily and I to document our cozy winter outfits, complete with collars under sweaters over corduroys and toboggans on top. 
[sweater-old navy, pants-uo, coat-target, hat-hm, glasses, warby parker]
[shirt-jcrew, coat-forever21, pants and hat-gap, glasses, anthropologie]

dressed up dressed down

As you all know, my affinity for textured textiles has progressed into somewhat of an obsession with animal skins this season. Leather and leopard print have slowly sneaked into nearly every outfit I have concocted these past few months, be it a shoe, bag, collar or skirt. Today is no exception. I have been dying to style my mom's calf-length leather pencil skirt, and while many may be intimidated by the sometimes awkward calf length hem, the conservatively contrived proportions can often add drama to any ensemble.

I relish the fleeting moments of fashion inspiration that aggregate whilst laying in bed. Instead of sugar plums, I had visions of leather midi skirts dancing in my head. I think clothes should not be contained to what magazines deem their appropriate occasion. Daywear can be nightwear sans tights and nightwear with a sweater can most certainly daywear. What's the fun in having a lengthy leather skirt if you only wear it once for a holiday party? I have relinquished this leather gem from the confines of its proverbial nature and allowed it to be free to roam amongst my wardrobe regulars

Leather skirt for day:

[skirt-anne klein, jacket-forever21, shoes- h&m]
...and night

[shirt-h&m, vest-forever-21, leotard-h&m, necklace-h&m, belt-banana republic, shoes-dsw]