dressed up dressed down

As you all know, my affinity for textured textiles has progressed into somewhat of an obsession with animal skins this season. Leather and leopard print have slowly sneaked into nearly every outfit I have concocted these past few months, be it a shoe, bag, collar or skirt. Today is no exception. I have been dying to style my mom's calf-length leather pencil skirt, and while many may be intimidated by the sometimes awkward calf length hem, the conservatively contrived proportions can often add drama to any ensemble.

I relish the fleeting moments of fashion inspiration that aggregate whilst laying in bed. Instead of sugar plums, I had visions of leather midi skirts dancing in my head. I think clothes should not be contained to what magazines deem their appropriate occasion. Daywear can be nightwear sans tights and nightwear with a sweater can most certainly daywear. What's the fun in having a lengthy leather skirt if you only wear it once for a holiday party? I have relinquished this leather gem from the confines of its proverbial nature and allowed it to be free to roam amongst my wardrobe regulars

Leather skirt for day:

[skirt-anne klein, jacket-forever21, shoes- h&m]
...and night

[shirt-h&m, vest-forever-21, leotard-h&m, necklace-h&m, belt-banana republic, shoes-dsw]

red leather pants aren't for special occasions

I have truly embodied the fall leather trend this season. From delicate details to full on leather leggings, I seem to be drawn to all things animal-skinned.

After first spotting these burgundy beauts in the back of H&M, I just knew they were destined for  greatness, stealing the spotlight over the majority of my neutral closet.  I have been waiting to break these babies out for a couple of months now. I had to wait until the weather proved worthy of the unforgivingly hot material. I'd say I'm on the more daring side when it comes to fashion choices, so I just couldn't wait for a special occasion to adorn my wintry pale legs in the faux leather-ish burgandy skinnies. The time is now.

To relinquish the fabric from its proverbial state (usually associated with sweaty dominatrix or motorcycle-riding bandits), I paired said pleather treasure with my prudish cowl neck sweater. And thus, a paradoxical fashion couplet is born.

[sweater/pants-h&m, shoes-c/o Lily, peacoat-forever21]
Pictures: Sarah Thigpen