east village uniform


You couldn't rip these $20, Forever21 jeans away from me if your life depended on it. They're perfect and comfortable and I don't  have to unbutton the top button after a large meal. Boyfriend jeans are a way of life, one that says "I know my backside is unflatteringly flat and it looks like I have cankles, but those are the kinds of things I can forgo when I want to look slouchy-chic and don't want seam lines embedded in my skin when I take them off." Boyfriend jeans don't care if you don't have a boyfriend and you bought them at a teen wholesale store. They're the IDGAF of jeans, they're the pair-me-with-sexy-sandals-to-create-an-ironic-dichotomy-jeans and they're here to stay for every season. I just decided.

Halfway through this post I realized I already wrote an ode to these jeans, but I guess I'll keep going to show you I'm not a quitter. Here is my summer interpretation in which I add a breezy button-down and sleek sandals to up the down-town chic factor, but I also wear them with muscle tees and Birkenstocks; so don't be fooled.

New York's still beautiful, if you were wondering. I've been spending a lot of my time in the East Village with my soon-to-be roommates and I can't help but take fashion inspiration from the silent fashionistas that seem to always have their nose in their phones. This trait helps me to look a few seconds longer without feeling intrusive. This down-town chic is a mix of neutral cropped sweaters and frayed denim, platform sandals and textures hair-dos. I'd be lying if I told you my hair wasn't an attempt at the perfectly undone look the ladies of downtown sport.

afterlight-2 afterlight-1


Thanks, Mazie for the photos.




IMG_0784To round out my Christmas break, I took a trip to see my lovely summer roommates in our old stomping grounds. It was so nice to see New York in all of her wintery, snowy glory. Due to the "polar vortex" sweeping across the country, mostof my carefully calculated outfits—deemed unworthy to wear to Chili's or Panera Bread at home—ended up not being able to keep out the bitter cold, thus remained at the bottom of my suitcase. However, our trip to brunch at Rosemary's and walk around Central Park proved perfect weather to sport my most prized Christmas present, my J.Crew moto skirt. I'm crossing my fingers this will be my last visit. Also, this bag is everything I've been looking for in a carry-on, carry-all, out and about bag for a couple years now. Plus it adds a punchy chic note to any drab legging/sweater look I find myself in when school starts.

IMG_0806 IMG_0788 IMG_0814 IMG_0796IMG_0797[sweater-h&m, skirt-j.crew(on sale!!), bag-dsw, hat-gap, scarf-h&m, coat-mamaw's, boots-thanks syd]

it's not goodbye, it's see ya later.

It was the summer I ruined a $5,000 dress. The summer I had a noticeable southern accent and Jewish roommates; the summer of sweaty errand running and a cool 63 degree window AC. The summer I read Lolita and lived the real life Tree Grows in Brooklyn; the summer that tasted like Brooklyn Lager, St. Germain and unsweet tea; the summer filled to the brim with late night city strolls and too many ice cream runs; the summer of growth and self discovery, challenged faith and questioned motives; the church on Mulberry, the grocery store on Prince and the cupcakes next door; the summer with new friends, passionate strangers, lost connections and forever acquaintances. It was the summer my hair grew out; the summer I discovered true beauty and how to be me. They say the best is always the most recent, but I'm not quite sure what could top the summer spent on Broome Street. The summer of 21 is one I'll never forget.

 I'll be back sweet city, don't worry.
 [jacket-ragged priest, pants-madewell (old), shoes-manolo blahnik]

Thank you so much, Ali for dressing me, letting me borrow your beautiful shoes and taking these awesome photos. We decided I looked Greaser-chic with my slicked back hair, white tee and denim jacket. I always identified more with Ponyboy, but this Johnny look suits me well—if Johnny didn't die and wore sequin harem pants.

shake that nebula, girl

I've always found solace in looking up. Sunrises, sunsets, full moons and meteor showers; the natural wonders of beyond are great for putting things in perspective—that and living in New York City. It's nice to know how small I really am, especially at a point in my life where I feel like I don't have a lot of control over what's next. I'm graduating in nine months. Hi. Good thing my family has a one year membership to the American Museum of Natural History so I can be reminded of what the sky looks like over at the "Earth and Planetary Science Wing" since there's not a star in sight over this city's skyline.
All to say, I bought a pair of galaxy print leggings to correspond with my glow-in-the-dark constellation T-shirt, for pajamas of course. Since the weather this week has been pleasantly breezy and mild, I chose to pair my printed pants with a sweater/collared shirt combo reminiscent of literally every outfit I wore October through March. I felt a bit like a modern day Audrey Hepburn if she traded her black flats for high-tops, Saturn was on her left thigh and liked bracelets with Albus Dumbledore quotes.


[sweater-zara (thanks Katy) shirt-uo, leggings-amonh, shoes-converse]
Pictures by Sydney

cotton frocks and grey streaked locks

These past few months, I've tried to make a point not to patronize any restaurant or activity, fearing I may miss out on the variety of the city. One place I haven't been able to resist going back for more is the Brooklyn Flea Market. Chock full of housewares, vintage clothes and handmade jewels; there's nothing quite like heading over the bridge to spend the afternoon eating from food trucks and envisioning my future apartment filled with the homemade accoutrements. I can count on one hand the number of tangible things I'll be bringing home with me from the summer and two of them come from the flea market. I say tangible, because if I'm being honest with you, I'm coming home a different gal, filled to the brim with experiences and life lessons I plan on carrying with me most everywhere.

One of my most favorite purchases is this simple white dress. The dress peddler told me she found it in someone's basement in Brooklyn. I plan on giving new life to this cotton gem, resurrecting it from the depths of mildew and mire because every girl needs a capped sleeve cotton frocks for day strolling, date taking and church going. One dress. Three ways. I'll let you decide for yourself which outfit is which.

Side note: there's no hiding that grey streak now that my hair is longer. Helen Mirren, Betty White, Richard Gere, Anderson Cooper, I'm joining the club in approximately T-5 years.

photos by Nina Sacks. 

bermuda, bahama

Bermuda shorts. Alexander Wang did it. Nanette Lapore did it. Mara Hoffman did it. I cursed this temptation placed on women of average height to forfeit the illusion of long legs to sport the aforementioned trend. They say trends are cyclical, but volleyball coaches and grandmothers never gave these guys up.  It may not be the most flattering look for the poster child for the 5'4/not 105 lb average-sized women of America, but I had to try it. You can be the judge. I think the heeled sandals reworked the look a bit, less middle school gym teacher and more "I dressed like this on purpose. Did you not watch the MBFW live stream?" 

[shirt-zara (similar here), shorts/bag/bracelet-h&m, shoes-bcbg]