IMG_0784To round out my Christmas break, I took a trip to see my lovely summer roommates in our old stomping grounds. It was so nice to see New York in all of her wintery, snowy glory. Due to the "polar vortex" sweeping across the country, mostof my carefully calculated outfits—deemed unworthy to wear to Chili's or Panera Bread at home—ended up not being able to keep out the bitter cold, thus remained at the bottom of my suitcase. However, our trip to brunch at Rosemary's and walk around Central Park proved perfect weather to sport my most prized Christmas present, my J.Crew moto skirt. I'm crossing my fingers this will be my last visit. Also, this bag is everything I've been looking for in a carry-on, carry-all, out and about bag for a couple years now. Plus it adds a punchy chic note to any drab legging/sweater look I find myself in when school starts.

IMG_0806 IMG_0788 IMG_0814 IMG_0796IMG_0797[sweater-h&m, skirt-j.crew(on sale!!), bag-dsw, hat-gap, scarf-h&m, coat-mamaw's, boots-thanks syd]

lol vintage

Asking a girl to describe her personal style is like asking her to fit all her Halloween costumes from years past in a shoebox. Well, maybe not for you, but I was Cruella DeVille, a dead clown, Elvis Presley, Tinkerbell and a grim reaper over a span of six years, so the analogy seemed fitting. I mean, the clown wig alone...
 Getting dressed in the morning is the first thing I accomplish each day. It begins with hastily pulled hangers and too many layers and ends with my 5-by-7 1930's sleeping porch converted bedroom covered in sweaters and sequins. Maybe I'm the only one, maybe it's silly, but creating a character out of my clothes has become one of my favorite past-times.
Today I combined my two favorite sartorially sanctioned genres, but really just ended up looking like an American Girl doll that stole a thing or two out of Miley Cyrus's closet. I promise I didn't mean to make this happen, sometimes great things flow out of my fingers when I just let it happen. But, hold up. I think I just described my personal style. I am a huge fan of (dare I say the most cliche and overused phrase in the fashion culture today?) vintage, nope, can't do it. Trends of decades past. I am a fan of my grandmother's clothes combined with just the right touch of edgy flare. Edgy in the sense that I like metal accents, leather details and minimalistic color palates. Does that sound pretentious enough? Ok, good.
I'd say this look is a good example of what happens when I have "nothing to wear." I usually end up pulling out a kitschy sweater and boots and see how many layers I can pile on before I start sweating.


 and if this post wasn't pretentious enough for you...this is me showing you what I'm reading.

American Girl doll: sweater-c/o Molly McIntire(Old Navy), skirt- Kit Kittredge(Urban), Necklace-Kaya, duh. Miley Cyrus: boots-Urban, jacket-Target

what I wore

To be honest, fashion inspiration is lacking in this academic-logged brain of mine, hence the less than regular posts lately. I have been consumed with other things, causing me to cherish every extra minute I allow myself to sleep thus leaving no time to plan out proper school attire, because yes, I do in fact need extra time to plan what I wear. Fatal flaw? Maybe. Run-on sentence? Definitely. 

When dressing up your average skinny jeans and button down ensemble, I like to sport an unexpected shoe, like a dressy pair of pumps. Pumps and skinnies, skinnies and pumps, they go together like Anna Wintour and the front row of every show at fashion week. Speaking of which, that is the 42nd MBFW I've missed in my short life and I plan on making it the last. I will be there in September if it's the last thing I do. I've already said too much. This is what I wore one day last week.

[shirt-forver21, pants-zara, shoes-sam edelman, necklace-it's an original and you can't have it]
Thank you, Marc Torrence for snapping these on the spot.
You should check out CollegeFashionista's latest collaboration with American Eagle. I got to style a pair of their shorts and ended up wearing this same shirt.

just dance

The first time I put on a tutu in my kindergarten dance class, I knew I was destined for the stage. 
As you all know, that didn't exactly go as planned, but my wardrobe sometimes mimics that of costume-worthy proportions. Those two years of dance class proved two things: dramatic silhouettes are my thing and dancing will never be my thing.
This Christmas, I was determined to find the perfect tea-length tulle skirt to satiate my apetite for girly, over-the-top, Carrie Bradshaw-inspired accouterments. The skirt was located via Atlantic-Pacific, a cool $300 Athropologie number even Santa couldn't afford. I have my mother to thank for snagging a less pricey and just as snazzy version from Shabby Apple.
I have to admit, I haven't found the right occasion to sport my most precious fashion find, but when the occasion arrises some boy takes me to a place worthy of a skirt that takes up the entire booth or really just an event of immaculate proportions where I won't be the only one to make eyes at, you better believe my behind will be covered with yards of navy tulle. Until then, I will continue to play dress-up on Saturday evenings and have people take pictures of me while I saunter across busy downtown streets.
I found that the only thing I own worthy enough to pair with such grandiose proportions is my great great aunt's mink stole. Go big or go home, right? I was told she only wore it on Christmas, but I figured a tutu-clad wanna-be vogue-er dancing on busy roads is just as great of an occasion. In real life, if I wasn't just playing dress up, I'd stick to my plain (polka-dot, duh.) t-shirt underneath. It lets the skirt do the talking all while channeling my Sex and the City alter-ego. 
[shirt/headband/necklace-forever21, skirt-shabby apple, shoes-sam edelman]
Pictures: Daniel Roth
P.S. Does anyone know any pixie grow-out methods besides stock piling headbands?

a girl and her cape, a love story

This evening I will share how I stumbled upon the winter must-have that I never knew I needed. A couple of weeks ago my mom, sisters and I met in Birmingham to look for  Christmas ideas and the possible obligatory seasonal shopping trip allowance, but mostly Christmas ideas. It's a bad habit to have, but it is almost impossible for me to window shop, especially when the weather is just beginning to drop to temperatures appropriate for the layered look I so often crave.

After bobbing in and out of boutiques and make-up stores, quickly racking up a substantial mental Christmas list, we made it to our favorite department store. Shoes...check, sale section....check. We made the rounds, and then...the Calvin Klein cape that changed my life. The camel color, the leather piping, who in their right mind wouldn't at least try it on? I admired my exaggerated silhouette -dramatic enough to sport on Commes des Garcons  runway and I cringed as I turned over the price tag. I expected a price that would mirror the way this cape made me feel: extravagant. But, no. This bad boy was almost 70% off. I guess no one else could see the potential contained in a Calvin Klein knee-length camel cape. Needless to say, I simply could not wait until Christmas and without hesitation bought my treasure and have been eating Ramen Noodles for dinner ever since. 

Some may say a cape is a little "over-the-top" for everyday wear, and here is where I will prove "some" wrong. Be prepared, because this girl is going get some serious wear-time out of her most favorite piece of clothing ever purchased. I will now document all of the ways I can wear my cape and maybe convince you that you need one.

Day one: casual
I started with an all black and white outfit. (I'm not usually a fan of monochromatic/neutral ensembles, but have been drawn to it for some reason this season.) I was so excited to break out my knock-off Isabel Marant sneakers from Target and paired them with feux leather leggings, white studded collar button-down and my favorite black T-shirt. I felt that the tennis shoes and all black managed to keep the outfit casual without detracting from the greatness that is my Calvin Klein cape.

Without the cape, I am just a sad looking boyish 13-year-old showing off her wanna-be-trendy sneaks.
Boom. Sophistication.
We are a nice pair, I'd say. 

just another monday cliche

Okay, so maybe I didn't wear the sequined skirt today. It is monday, after all. There just wasn't enough time this weekend for blogging adventures. We here at UA were too busy stomping football rivals to notice anything else going on in the outside world, like say the gluttonous black friday uproars or cyber monday preparations.
I concocted this little celebration-esque get up to inspire the inner twinkling holiday prima-donna in all of us. But really, does there have to be an occasion to sport a sequined mini? The oversized sweater, aforementioned in a past post, makes its subsequent appearance to mask the skanky risque aura that may linger when one masks the upper thighs with five inches of glitter. The H&M  cable-knit has recently made itself at home amongst my winter wardrobe, often gracing the outdoors two and three times a week. It (she? does the pronoun choice really matter when referring to beloved sweaters?)  just seems to add the right amount of "frump" to contrast something that's too sparkly or too tight or too short. 
Sequin skirt+oversized knit+dainty bag/flats=perfect holiday ensemble. This combination screams I'm asking for attention because I'm wearing sequins, but it's okay because sequins are a holiday-approved textile, but really I don't care...see, I'm hiding my assets in a horizontally striped sweater that is two sizes too big. And scene. 

[sweater-h&m, skirt-forever21, shoes-ae, purse-target]