red leather pants aren't for special occasions

I have truly embodied the fall leather trend this season. From delicate details to full on leather leggings, I seem to be drawn to all things animal-skinned.

After first spotting these burgundy beauts in the back of H&M, I just knew they were destined for  greatness, stealing the spotlight over the majority of my neutral closet.  I have been waiting to break these babies out for a couple of months now. I had to wait until the weather proved worthy of the unforgivingly hot material. I'd say I'm on the more daring side when it comes to fashion choices, so I just couldn't wait for a special occasion to adorn my wintry pale legs in the faux leather-ish burgandy skinnies. The time is now.

To relinquish the fabric from its proverbial state (usually associated with sweaty dominatrix or motorcycle-riding bandits), I paired said pleather treasure with my prudish cowl neck sweater. And thus, a paradoxical fashion couplet is born.

[sweater/pants-h&m, shoes-c/o Lily, peacoat-forever21]
Pictures: Sarah Thigpen