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I’ve long run out of clothes to keep from repeating work outfits; something I previously thought a heinous crime, which rivals those convicted by Mariska Hargitay. My patterned dresses and palazzo pants are too recognizable to wear more than once a week and I refuse to fall back to unflattering slacks and boring button-downs. My wardrobe rules will prevail. That being said, I’ve rediscovered the basics and the power of great accessories.
Exhibit A: the shirt dress. Because wearing your theoretical boyfriend’s clothes has always been cool. I’ve found this to be easy to throw on when I have “nothing to wear” and pair with an edgy shoe or head scarf for an effortless work outfit. NYC doesn’t do “done up.” Undone is the new done.
Exhibit B: DANNIJO collar necklace. This statement accessory is my go-to piece when an outfit is feeling a bit drab. You know my love of superfluous layers, but with the pavement here emanating that urban steam heat, I am forced to remove said layers and end up with an empty outfit and an empty heart. I now substitute that extra layer (usually a vest) with a bold accessory. Thank you, DANNIJO for giving us mere mortals a chance and offering up your leftovers to the sample sale gods.

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P.S. Be sure to check out ShoeDazzle for great shoes/accessories to jazz up summer work wear.

that one time I brought a suitcase full of shoes to NYC and how it's still not enough

I came to New York with approximately one suitcase full of shoes, prepared for just about any fashion predicament I might find myself, except walking that is. Just a quick little inventory of what I brought
with me to the city to get you guys up to date:
4 pairs of high heels that I will never wear because that's just not practical with cobblestones and subway grates to dodge.
2 pairs of flats. Right, I know, what was I thinking?
1 pair of booties 
1 pair of tennis shoes that many times have accompanied errand-running ensembles against my former chagrin toward the rubbered soles.
2-4 various other pairs that aren't coming to me right now, which I obviously don't wear that much since I can't even remember what they are.
Needless to say, NYC terrain is very different from the familiar UA sidewalks, which I've grown accustom. Back home there's no need to dodge and weave and cut in front of oncoming traffic. I mean, everyone else is doing it. You get caught up in the fast pace of city life and here I am proving New York stereotypes right. My pace is faster so I need my heels to be shorter and as much as I'd like to shop the streets of NYC for the perfect pair of black gladiators, this unpaid intern is on a budget. 
Thankfully ShoeDazzle's got me covered, my soles at least. I certainly can't afford Rachel Zoe's ready-to-wear line, but I am more than happy for her to pick out a collection of shoes for me via ShoeDazzle's 
To join, you take a quiz so they can get to know your style. You know, like what J.Lo look best describes you....the green breast-baring Versace number circa 2000 or are you that classy Maid in Manhatten style?  Based on the results of the quiz, they give you your first showroom of shoes and handbags they think you’ll love. At the beginning of every month you will receive a new showroom selection that fits your individual style, and as new styles get added to the site throughout the month, they continue to tailor your personalized recommendations. Y'all Kim K and Rachel Zoe were involved're kind of missing out if you don't at least try it out.
I can't wait to get my hands on those black gladiators to spice up my American Girl-esque sundresses. 

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