nyc bound

 Some days I feel fierce in mesh T-shirts and muted jumpers. Some days I pose by my front door in hopes that my next-door neighbors aren't watching. And some days I go back and change into something more practical to wear around town and save my carefully concocted ensemble for one summer day in New York City.
Tuscaloosa, you've treated my sweetly, but New York, it's been a long time coming. I see a fashionable friendship in our future. We will be well acquainted soon, don't you worry. Fourteen days 'til.

[shirt-prabal garung x target, jumper-topshop, collar-azwell, shoes-bcbg]


The pants are back.
Somehow I've stumbled into a fashionable valley where everything below the belt is the most important aspect of my sartorial decisions. Posh pants if you will. From sequined palazzo to leathered and cuffed, a statement pant is my drug of choice. And by drug, I mean the unnatural fabric that usually make the biggest statements in any given clothing combination. And now I seem to be comparing my white chiffon palazzo pants to cocaine. Hmm not my best work.
Although I do love the weight of a simple cotton dress on hot days like today, I often come back to my trusty printed/pleated/patterned pants. There's something about a poised lady in a great pair of structured pants that screams "I am the pants!" Which could also mean something like, feminism hear me roar and I don't need a man and I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. I bet you don't think these things when you put on a pair of pants, I don't really either.
In conclusion, I am really on an independent woman kick and I like pants,  especially these pants. The two thoughts aren't actually related.
I paired my curtain-like pants with a cropped long sleeve black shirt, baring a modest sliver of tummy flesh. To counteract any lingering scandalous intentions from showing a little midriff skin I added my oversized army vest. Sexy cannot penetrate a studded army vest, it's a proven fact.

[pants-jennifer lopez, shirt-azwell, vest-river island, shoes-bcbg]
Thanks, Daniel Roth for the pictures.

still didn't call it vintage

This weekend was spent celebrating  two 21st birthdays, the first bout of real spring weather and a 1970s two-piece dress set. I found this gem among racks of plaid and lace and all things polyester at the Druid City Arts Festival here in Tuscaloosa. I die for anything that matches. I'm currently in search of a shorts suit set. Suggestions are welcome. I just couldn't resist the mint green or the fact that it has a vest. Vests are kind of my thing.
I figured I'd play up the '70s vibe with my woven flatforms and a belt. With pieces like this, I keep accessories to a minimum. I'll let the matching floral piping do most of the talking.

 [shoes-DSW, belt-grandma's closet, necklace-UO