nyc bound

 Some days I feel fierce in mesh T-shirts and muted jumpers. Some days I pose by my front door in hopes that my next-door neighbors aren't watching. And some days I go back and change into something more practical to wear around town and save my carefully concocted ensemble for one summer day in New York City.
Tuscaloosa, you've treated my sweetly, but New York, it's been a long time coming. I see a fashionable friendship in our future. We will be well acquainted soon, don't you worry. Fourteen days 'til.

[shirt-prabal garung x target, jumper-topshop, collar-azwell, shoes-bcbg]

geeks love kitsch

I'm not usually one to gravitate towards Lilly, Ralph Lauren, chinos and boat shoes, but I can appreciate the vintage co-ed look as much as the next person. I am always a fan of the genderless loafer and collared shirt.
I was inspired to to pay homage to my Catholic education and dawned my most school-girlish skirt and collegiate-greaser tee. Geek. Ode to Pope.
Let's just reminisce on the term Geek for a moment. Humor me, friends.
The rise of the geek: glasses are fashion, remembering the classic novels we were forced into reading in high school is a necessity. Normalcy is no longer and standing out in honor of unique penchants is preferred. Note the kitschy bicycle socks. Geeks love kitsch.

[shirt-topshop, skirt-h&m, socks-h&m, shoes-uo, lip-nars: fastride]
photos by: Daniel Roth


Saying I was excited to go to New York this weekend would be a grave understatement. I have been counting down the days, anxiously awaiting to break out my most elaborate sartorial combinations that usually lie dormant in my closet. A girl can only take so many stink-eyes on her walk to class. But, this weekend is different. This weekend, I am one of them. I am among the fashion greats, the trend-making citizens of NYC. It is just a city, but I want it to be my city. 

Yesterday was spent scouring Broadway, ripping through sale racks and snacking at way too many restaurants. Today, we planned a quick trip to Brooklyn to meet up with family and dig through the Brooklyn Flea Market. Maybe this southern lady is a bit callow and naive when it comes to big-city exploring, but I could not get over myself. I was star struck with every step, my neck craned upward to catch glimpses of every fire escape and street sign. 
To prepare for Brooklyn, a place that holds the namesake of my favorite book (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn), I found it suitable to break in my newly-purchased sequined pants. I really am like a moth and fluorescent lighting when it comes to sparkles.

[geek-topshop, pants-madewell, shoes-target, bag-cynthia rowley, hat-h&m]