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My style changes just about every time Miley drops a new single and usually depends on what store I go in first after getting a paycheck. Urban Outfitters—I'm probably inspired by the cropped tops reminiscent of Wrecking Ball and skull emblazoned leggings circa two seasons ago and end up looking more high school, wanna-be yogi than bad ass Brooklynite. Express; I come out with pants too bright and shirts too tight trying to channel my inner sexy secretary in a last chance effort to professionalize my wardrobe. And sometimes online shops like Modcloth and ASOS steal the show and I am convinced to snatch up every woodland creature-printed, Peter Pan-collared, A-line dress my mouse comes close to hovering over.
But after every binge, shortly after, I am shamed by the guilt of hard earned money senselessly spent and the faint tug tugging on my heart of my suede bucks and collared button-downs. Since the beginning of my collegiate endeavors, I have found myself most comfortable, and confident, buttoned up with layers and polka-dots; a little bit vintage and a lot French school-boy. The whole remaking myself into a new character every day is fun when I want to channel Lena Dunham in midi skirts and overall jumpers. But when I just want to be Abbey, I'm probably sporting a boyish silhouette; vests, trousers and lace up oxfords. 
College: self-discovery I really just want a job in a few months and need to look somewhat trustworthy to a wide audience. No matter how adamantly I defend Miley's life choices, I'm not sure any self-respecting employer would understand squeezing my not size 2 bod into sequined hot shorts and graphic tees to better convey my modern representation of feminine prowess...not to say I won't break those out for occasions of Halloween-like proportions. In the meantime, I'm coaxing myself to be more me and less "look at me," more comfortable and less conformable—so I'll wear my pleated pants proudly and tuck my sweaters in unnecessarily—for me.
[shirt/pants-forever21 (old,) sweater-boden, bag-rebecca minkoff, hat/shoes/earrings-super old]
Thanks, Daniel for the photos. 

lol vintage

Asking a girl to describe her personal style is like asking her to fit all her Halloween costumes from years past in a shoebox. Well, maybe not for you, but I was Cruella DeVille, a dead clown, Elvis Presley, Tinkerbell and a grim reaper over a span of six years, so the analogy seemed fitting. I mean, the clown wig alone...
 Getting dressed in the morning is the first thing I accomplish each day. It begins with hastily pulled hangers and too many layers and ends with my 5-by-7 1930's sleeping porch converted bedroom covered in sweaters and sequins. Maybe I'm the only one, maybe it's silly, but creating a character out of my clothes has become one of my favorite past-times.
Today I combined my two favorite sartorially sanctioned genres, but really just ended up looking like an American Girl doll that stole a thing or two out of Miley Cyrus's closet. I promise I didn't mean to make this happen, sometimes great things flow out of my fingers when I just let it happen. But, hold up. I think I just described my personal style. I am a huge fan of (dare I say the most cliche and overused phrase in the fashion culture today?) vintage, nope, can't do it. Trends of decades past. I am a fan of my grandmother's clothes combined with just the right touch of edgy flare. Edgy in the sense that I like metal accents, leather details and minimalistic color palates. Does that sound pretentious enough? Ok, good.
I'd say this look is a good example of what happens when I have "nothing to wear." I usually end up pulling out a kitschy sweater and boots and see how many layers I can pile on before I start sweating.


 and if this post wasn't pretentious enough for you...this is me showing you what I'm reading.

American Girl doll: sweater-c/o Molly McIntire(Old Navy), skirt- Kit Kittredge(Urban), Necklace-Kaya, duh. Miley Cyrus: boots-Urban, jacket-Target