for him

I don’t talk much about my significant other on here. He blazes trails in his own way and doesn’t need elevated words on the internet to prop himself up. But he is my partner in everything and I think he deserves some attention.

We are coming up on three years together and will be married in six or so short months. These three years have arguably been the hardest three years of my life and I don’t know if I could have blazed through them without his constant support and understanding.

Three years ago I lost my grandfather. He showed up unexpectedly for his funeral after only having been together for two months. I moved to a city where I knew close to no one. He beat me to my city so we could conquer new places together. I struggled being so far away from my family. He said I was his family.

Two years ago we went through a very personal journey of unexpected choices. He remained strong, but sensitive and I am forever thankful for him by my side. We moved in together, a first for for us both. He waged my imperfections with grace even when I didn’t his.

One year ago I began my campaign for mental health. He saw me through it. He never questioned my feelings; and let me be when necessary. One year ago he asked me to be with him always, so of course I said yes.

Here’s to many more, my dear.