I celebrated 26 years of being alive, with 560,000 members of the dead. Colby and I took a twilight tour of Green-Wood cemetery, and it was truly a night for the books.

I have always loved cemeteries, starting with a field trip to Maplewood Cemetary in the third grade. My grandmother taught me about the importance of cemeteries, that each name is to be respected, as it may have been the first time in decades his or her name was thought about. I found that wild as a kid and have been chasing that sense of awe ever since.

We learned about the history of putting skulls on tombstones, toured the catacombs, (and found a pair of twins Agnes and Hedwig, whose birthday it just so happened to be) and basked in the spooky sweet sunset. My favorite part was discovering that a statue of Minerva had a direct sightline of Lady Liberty. She is posed waiving, a true OG lady gang.

After our tour we devoured the prettiest local cheese plate and sipped (gulped down) sweet cocktails. Against our better judgement we split a bottle of wine and continued eating our way through Park Slope, finishing the night with homemade pasta in a wine cellar. It was a beautiful night and a perfect way to wind down and be close right before this busy week.

And now it's wedding week! I'll probably be pretty quiet on here for the next week or so, but be sure to follow along on Instagram. @abbeycrain.

Sending all the love and light into the world because I sure have some leftover to give these days.