how to dress for a woman

“Well you dressed up,” my friends would chide as I strolled up to meet them after school.

I never told them, but it was for them.

In high school I wore a uniform to class, but would tear off my plaid skirt and collared shirt as soon as I got home, trading it for something bolder. This was usually some combination of flouncy dress and tights or boutique top and coordinating earrings. While my friends showed up at our after school events in sweatshirts and jeans, I proudly sported my ensembles to peacock for the other girls. I knew most guys wouldn’t appreciate the styles I’d concocted, but I lived for the compliments of other girls. Even if it was just a “well you dressed up” from my closest pals. Since then I’ve continued to collect the courtesies of my lady counterparts.

The difference between dressing for a woman and dressing for a man I suppose depends on the person. When I’m dressing for a man, my man, I pair down my look to the barest of essential elements. A simple v-neck sweater and curve-hugging jeans usually do the trick. But when dressing for women, my closet’s contents begs to be experimented with, sweaters over dresses over pants, scarves over crop tops over collars. To dress for a woman is to dress for yourself, almost. Because if I truly dressed for myself I’d never leave my pjs.

Women appreciate a bold lip, a sparkly lid. Women appreciate the clothing recipes other women lose sleep over the night before brunch. Women appreciate the balancing act of putting together a work appropriate outfit that transitions to night with the slip of a bra strap and the nudge of a sweater vest.

And that is why I dress for them.

Completely inspired by this piece from The Man Repeller, my first discovery of like minded, fashion-forward women.