lookin' cute, feelin' sad


In my Spring clean last March I threw out much of my holiday decor. It took up too much space and was too kitschy, not the sophisticated minimal look I wanted for my space. I did the same for my mind, burying all of the messy winter emotions that lingered into the new season. I added a new medication to my daily routine and threw out the things that reminded me of the sad me. The messy decorations, the clothes that didn’t fit, the rug that I never could get clean. But I was left with about 10 ornaments for my Christmas tree, a strand of white lights, and a snowglobe. My Christmas tree is leaning and is dying already. The few ornaments make it sad and unkempt and I have pine needles all over my floor.

All of this has nothing to do with why my brain is sick, but it does somehow personify my feelings. I can’t help but think my sad tree is a metaphor for where I’m at right now. Trying really hard, but slowly falling apart.

There’s nothing wrong with me. At least there shouldn’t be

I just got married to my best friend and love of my life. We spent seven whole days wrapped in each others happiness, eating until our hearts content, drinking until our words became songs, and planning our futures together. It’s my favorite time of year. I just got in my Black Friday orders in for God’s sake. But I’m stuck inside my head and some days it’s impossible to get out.

Christmastime has long been my favorite holiday. I decorate like crazy and I’ve been listening to holiday music every morning as I get ready. But these days Christmas time also comes with a heavy blanket of deep sadness. It’s those damn short days. I swear I only see the sun for about 30 minutes. It’s long periods of time spent in my small (large my NY standards!) apartment. But it’s mostly just my brain. I keep having to remind myself. I could be anywhere and my brain would still sometimes get sick.

Yesterday was bad. I let my brain spiral into a messy black hole, shielding myself from rational thought, and refusing to shower off tears and snot from the night before. I shut out everyone in my life who attempted to reach out, even my own husband. I shut out and shut down and was convinced I would be like that forever. I thought about how I wasn’t good enough for my job, how I wasn’t a good friend, I wasn’t pretty, I wasn’t loved. I know none of that is either true or really important, but it was dark and scary and at the time the only tunnel of thought that existed inside me.

Last night my partner reminded me to be brave and vulnerable and let people in. So here I am trying to be brave. Who knew six years ago my fashion diary would turn into a healing space of sorts. I hope this reminds someone that they are not alone and that it does and will get better.

I don’t really have a solution to all this. I took my emergency meds and Colby convinced me to go see I movie I have been looking forward to. It took my mind out of the hole, but I’m constantly terrified it will happen again. So today I woke up early enough to make coffee before work and dressed in my favorite outfit (pictured below). I don’t have any profound words of encouragement other than.. Hi I’m here and sometimes having a sick brain is really hard. I’m being brave and having the entire internet hold me accountable. (lol so going to regret this) So take your meds folks, go outside, and wear your favorite outfit. It won’t last forever.

[jeans-levis, blazer-zara, turtleneck- madewell, hat- target, boots - uo]