I am back from the best two weeks of my short life feeling so refreshed and ready to conquer. Who needs New Years Eve to make resolutions and extricate new goals, when you’ve had seven days sans responsibility and with it a new outlook?

I haven’t felt my mind move like it’s moving in years. I’m hoping this newfound mental energy means new endeavors and motivation. I know it’s bad luck to count your chickens before they hatch/tell people you’re doing things before it’s finished. But I also believe in putting your hopes and dreams into the world in order to reap its benefits.

I started a book. I have no clue where it’s going or what it will be about (let’s be real, it’s about me), but I started. And that’s been 70 percent of the battle for me. It’s in my computer, no longer just my brain. It’s been rolling around there for years, and finally I put pen to paper, rather fingers to key. And it’s alive.
In other news, I’m digging the red sweater trend. I’ve been inspired by angsty meme teens and their checkered vans and red fishnets, and decided I could join the ranks. Mine’s from & other stories, but I’ve seen some other great ones at h&m, Target, and Sezane.