my beauty routine


My beauty mantra has run the gamut over the last few years. I’ve attempted to mirror celebrity influencers 12-step tricks to the perfect contour and condensed my look to the Glossier-inspired “rub Vasoline and rose water all over your face for an I just woke up like a newly born fawn” look. Neither really worked for me, but after many a YouTube video tutorial, too much money spent on cult skincare products, and my new 20-minute getting ready rule I think I’ve finally nailed down my “look.”

My little sister got me hooked on “Beauty Gurus” on YouTubers in college and I have since amassed a few drawers full of superfluous ~product~ that is slowly taking over my apartment.

The bottles and creams, powders and lipsticks quickly became too much for my medicine cabinet and limited bathroom counter space, pushing my partner’s bathroom accoutrement to a few square inches of space. He inadvertently encouraged my makeup hoarding by allowing a brand new vanity into the middle of our living room. Since then I have continued to collect every sample, drugstore steal, Sephora sale haul all while trying to maintain a minimal desk aesthetic. I'm hoping this round-up of must-haves will inspire a purge of my loot.


I’ve made my way through plenty a foundation, between never-ending bouts of acne and trying to reverse the the damage done by years of sunbathing sans protection. I’m pretty loyal to Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation, but after trying La Mer’s absurdly expensive fluid foundation for my wedding, I may be a convert.

I’ve found piling on powders actually doesn’t do much to combat my extra oily skin. So I usually stick to a bronzer and blush. Since I put myself on a no new makeup purge, I’m trying to use up what I have. Today that’s my Hourglass bronzer in Nude Bronze Light and L’Oreal blush in Baby Blossom.

My eyes really only get attention if I have minutes to spare in the mornings. And after getting a new french press as a wedding gift, I’ve traded in my eyeshadow time for coffee. If I do have time I can always get a simple, work-appropriate look with my Anastasia Modern Renaissance palate. However I never miss mascara. L’Oreal Voluminous Lashes mascara is a game changer. RUN don’t walk on this one.

I always finish with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. It makes me look less greasy and gets rid of the cakey look powder sometimes leaves you with.

Here I am wearing the above, including the Too Faced liquid lip.

Here I am wearing the above, including the Too Faced liquid lip.

I never forget lipstick. I am all over the place with lip favorites; I devote an entire drawer to the stuff. A few of my Fall/Winter favorites are Smashbox’s Out Loud is a great orange red. Urban Decay’s Sell Out is my favorite “nude.” My favorite “work” color is Chanel’s Mademoiselle. (This is also my favorite gift to give.)

This was fun! Let me know if you want a similar skincare/hair post.