settling in

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I think this may be the longest I've gone without posting. Five months. I've kept my brain busy in other ways, particularly my new job. So maybe that's why. I just haven't had tons of brain energy left for creative endeavors. But I'm getting settled in to my new home, my new city, my new job, and I think I'm ready now. 

I don't really know where to start. But I miss this! I miss YOU! It's weird I really don't know who reads this thing, other than the ones that comment on my Instagram posts. But it's so amazing to me that there are people out there reading my thoughts. So even when I feel alone, I'm really not. I hope you find some of my words encouraging and they make you feel less alone too. I guess that's the point of social media, isn't it. It's too bad I don't make such efforts in real life though. That's something I'm working on. Intentional interaction. I'm to make meaningful conversation wherever I go. I've never liked small talk anyway. So far that looks like unintentionally making strangers cry in bars. Like I said, working on it.

But I digress. I've been super anxious about posting again. Not because I'm nervous for people to read, but nervous I don't have anything left to say. So I told myself I would just let my fingers run. So here I am! I'm hoping this becomes some sort of routine, even if it's just to post links I'm loving or a quick photo of my new apartment (which I'm obsessed with. But that's a whole other post).

So here's what you missed.

I really like my job. Right now I'm covering women/gender issues and higher education. I got to rehash the sorority segregation story that basically started my career. I told the story of a young mom working her way through nursing school, broke my first national new story, and took a look at why women in the South feel left out of the #metoo movement.

I love being so close to my big fat fun family. So far I've been to two weddings, one Labor Day game watch party, two beach trips, countless sister slumber parties, and some just because dinners. My brain is so relaxed (most of the time) knowing I can go see my sisters or mom whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed.

I relearned that I am most happy by a body of water. I don't remember loving Summer as much as I have this year. Maybe it's all the trips to the ocean or the fact that my parents have a pool, but I have been soaking up all the Vitamin D baby.

I've made a couple of really great friends and grown closer to some that I've missed dearly while away for four years.

I truly miss my NYC family, and my apartment, and my coffee shop, and my restaurants, and my weekend activities, but for now I'm feeling pretty settled in with the slower, simplified lifestyle.

Here's some photos my cousin took of me in a new summery outfit, but couldn't think of anything to talk about until September. I felt cute and girly and messy, like a book character who was running away from something. I sometimes dress like made up characters to put on a front when I'm feeling off or. It makes me walk different and talk different. This day I really wanted to stomp around and talk like I had a cigarette hanging out of my mouth. She's defiant, but easy to talk to. She always has something to say.