things I would buy if I didn't have to pay rent

New York is great for a lot of things and terrible for others. Soho is great and terrible. Great because walking through it makes you feel like a fancy Parisian socialite and terrible because I'm not a fancy Parisian socialite and can't afford the associated wares.

 Last Friday I waltzed around side streets, pranced into boutiques and demanded things I couldn't afford in a size smaller than I actually needed. I know I couldn't afford anything inside these precious facades of capitalistic designs, but nevertheless I fell for the siren songs of stores I couldn't afford. 

I tried on everything I'd ever wanted to see on my body, but was too afraid to confront the intimidatingly put-together shop girls. I asked for the $500 leather skirt and matching biker jacket and "put it on hold" for when my husband got off work. My alter ego is apparently entirely dependent on her husband's wallet and opinions. It just sounded like something a girl would say who wasn't going to purchase the piece right then. But it was a fun Me Day. I nibbled on croissants and sipped hot tea and bought myself a couple of cursory presents (Aesop hand lotion, a few new books, and a pin for my leather jacket) that would take my mind off all the decadent pieces I tried on. 

So here's a list of the things I tried on and would have bought had I not had to pay my rent. Click for links.